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Submit Your Required Health Forms

Access the Student Health Web Portal through MyRedDragon (MRD). Navigate to the Student Page of MRD and scroll down.  On the bottom right side of the page is the link to the Student Health Web Portal. All of the required forms are there for you to complete online.  Click on the "Forms" link on the left hand menu of the portal home page. You can complete and submit most forms online. Some you will need to print, sign, and return to Student Health Service. The requirements are outlined below.

Print this page for your reference while you are completing the forms.

  • Health History Form
    • This form is REQUIRED for ALL Undergraduates, Intercollegiate Athletes, and International students. It is NOT required for Graduate students UNLESS you are also an International student or an Intercollegiate athlete.
  • Immunizations Form
    • You must complete the online form, AND mail a copy of your immunization/proof of immunity record (a copy of an official school record or health care provider record is acceptable) to SHS for review and confirmation of your immunity. You will not be considered compliant with requirements until you have completed the form and provided us with your documentation, and SHS has reviewed and confirmed your immunity. During high volume periods, it may take up to 2 weeks for SHS to review your documentation and confirm your compliance, so get your documentation to us as soon as possible!
      Deadlines: July 1 for incoming Fall semester students. December 1 for incoming Spring semester students.
    • You MUST provide proof of immunity to Measles, Mumps and Rubella through ONE of the following:
      • Born BEFORE 1/1/1957 or
      • 2 doses of MMR vaccine or
      • 2 doses of Measles and one dose of Mumps and one dose of Rubella vaccines or
      • Documented (by written proof from a physician) history of the disease(s) or
      • Blood titers showing immunity (proof of vaccination is preferred over using titers).
    • Complete the appropriate MMR section of the Immunizations page to supply your proof of immunity. If you complete the MMR section, you do not need to complete the separate Measles, Mumps or Rubella sections.  But if you do not complete the MMR section, then you must complete one of the other sections for each of the 3 diseases.
    • Complete the appropriate Tetanus section.  This is NOT REQUIRED but is RECOMMENDED.  Be sure to complete the correct section depending upon which Tetanus shot you last had: the old Tetanus shot (Td) or the new one which also contains pertussis (Tdap, brand names Adacel or Boostrix).  Confirm with your health care provider if you are not sure which one you had before you complete this section.
    • Complete one of the Meningococcal (meningitis) sections.  There are currently 3 different vaccines for meningococcal disease: Menomune, Menactra and Menveo.  Please be sure to complete only the appropriate section for the vaccine you had.  One of these sections is REQUIRED, otherwise you must sign the waiver if you do not want to be vaccinated.  Your vaccination, or your waiver, must be completed within 5 years for you to be compliant with New York State law and college policy.
    • Again, once you have completed the online Immunizations form, please be sure to MAIL us a copy of your immunization record or proof of immunity for confirmation (see above).
  • High Risk Tuberculosis Screen
    • This form is REQUIRED for ALL UNDERGRADUATE and INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS.  However, most do NOT need a PPD or other TB test done.  You only need a PPD test done IF you have a risk for TB such as: having spent significant time in any of the countries listed on the form, any of the other risk factors listed on the form, or any symptoms of active TB.  If you have any of these risk factors you must have a PPD or other testing done (up to the discretion of your health care provider).  If you have a positive PPD, IGRA test or if you have any symptoms of active TB then you MUST have a Chest X-ray performed.  Please send results of any testing done (PPD, IGRA and/or Chest X-ray) to SHS as soon as possible.  Chest X-ray reports MUST be written in English.

Downloadable Forms

These can be printed out, completed/signed and MAILED to SHS.

  • Consent for Minor Patient (required ONLY for students who will be under 18 upon arriving to campus)
  • Physical Exam Forms
    • Preparticipation Physical Evaluation: Required ONLY for Intercollegiate Athletes (NCAA).  Per NCAA guidelines, must be based on a physical performed within 6 months of beginning your sport activity (try-outs or practices).  IMPORTANT: If you are an NCAA athlete, your physical MUST be documented on this form, no other physical forms will be accepted. You can also download the required Preparticipation Physical form (PDF).
    • International Student Physical Exam: Required only for International students.  Must be done prior to coming to the USA.  If you are an international student AND you will also be playing an intercollegiate sport, you must complete the Preparticipation Physical form above, instead of this form.  You do not need to do both. You may also download the International Student Physical form (PDF).
  • Notice of Privacy Practices: (for all students) required only before being seen or treated at SHS.  Note that per  NYS Law, information about treatment at SHS cannot be shared with ANYONE (including parents) without the patient's signed consent.
  • Agreement to Treatment (for all students) required only before being seen or treated at SHS.

Contact Us

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