Summer Intent Listing

The following listing contains courses that departments intend to offer in Summer Session 2024 and is designed to assist students with planning for Winter, Spring and Summer 2024 terms. Courses are subject to change. Additional courses and details (session, delivery mode, faculty) will be provided in the Summer Session 2024 Preliminary Course Listing, which is scheduled to be available in January 2024. 

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Undergraduate Courses

ATH 357: Modern Art
BIO 111: Principles of Biology II
CAP 100: Intro to Computer Applications
CAP 329: Special Topics: Systems Analysis and Design
CIN 208: Introduction to Film Analysis
CIN/COM 329: Special Topics: Cinematic Cyborgs: Humans and Technology on Screen
COM 100: Human Communication
COM 200: Media History
COM 203: Introduction to Media Writing
COM 210: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
COM 301: Media and Society
ECO 111: Principles of Microeconomics
EDU 270: Introduction to Early Childhood and Childhood Education
EDU 303: Arts in the Curriculum
EDU 329: Special Topics: Scientific Literacy for Children
EDU 329: Special Topics: Foundations of Integrated STEM in Education
ESL 406: Educating ELLs (ECD/ECI/IEC)
EST 100: Intro: Environmental Studies
EXS 100: Introduction to Kinesiology
EXS 201: Statistics in Exercise Science
EXS 250: Research Skills in Kinesiology
EXS 270: Foundations of Personal Training
EXS 287: Social Psychological Aspects of Physical Activity
EXS 310: Ethical Issues in Kinesiology
EXS 315: Anatomical Kinesiology
EXS 325: Principles of Strength & Conditioning
EXS 346: Sport Psychology
EXS 367: Exercise Psychology
EXS 380: Motor Control and Learning
EXS 387: Biomechanics
FSA 103: Gender, Race and Class Issues in Education
GLY 481: Field Geology
GLY 476: Geologic Field Methods
GRY 110: Physical Geography
GRY 125: Cultural Geography
GRY 310: Enviromental Geography of the Adirondacks
GRY 370: Will the World Provide?
HLH 110: Personal & Community Health
HLH 120: Responding to Emergencies
HLH 265: Health & the Child
HLH 301: Stress Management
MGT 254: Financial Accounting
POL 100: Intro: American Gov. & Politics
PSY 101: Introductory Psychology
PSY 201: Statistical Methods
PSY 232: Adolescent Psychology
PSY 301: Research Methods for Psychology
PSY 312: Learning
PSY 331: Psychology of Children with Disabilities
PSY 332: Educational Psychology
PSY 345: Introduction to Brain and Behavior
PSY 360: Applied Behavior Analysis I
PSY 375: Positive Psychology
PSY 411: Behavioral Neuroscience
PSY 421: Abnormal Psychology
SPA 101: Beginning Spanish I
SPA 102: Beginning Spanish II
SPA 201: Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 202: Intermediate Spanish II
SPM 175: Intro to Sport Management
SPM 325: Intro to Sport Analytics

Graduate Courses

EDL 616: Principles of Curriculum Leadership
EDL 618: Human Resources, Personnel and Contracts
EDL 656: Principles of Public-School Finance
EDL 678: Strategic Supervision and Leadership
EDL 680: Principal Leadership
EDL 685: Facilities Maintenance and Management
EDL 690: Principles of School District Leadership
EDU 510: Inquiry into Teaching, Curriculum and Student Learning
EDU 551: e-Learning and the American Classroom
EDU 656: Classroom Applications of Child Development, Classroom Behavior and Management
ESL 504: ESL Literacy in the Elementary School
FSA 510: Teaching Special Education Learners in the General Education Classroom
FSA 515: Introduction to Disability Studies in Education
FSA 525: Urban Teaching and Schooling
FSA 560: Supporting Students with Autism
FSA 630: Students with Disabilities in Context
FSA 652: Master’s Project TSD 1-6
FSA 653: Master’s Project TDA 7-12
HLH 510: Proseminar in Health Foundations
HLH 641: Graduate Readings in Health
ICC 529: Special Topics: Co-Teaching for Multilingual Learner Inclusion
LIT 511: Teaching Literacy in the Primary Grades
LIT 525: Discrete Literacy Instruction and Assessment
LIT 560: Children's and Young Adult Literature in the Curriculum
LIT 690: Assessment for the Specialized Literacy Professional
LIT 693: Applied Assessment and Instruction: Literacy Capstone and Practicum
PSY 521: Abnormal Psychology
PSY 533: Advanced Developmental Psychology
SHH 529: Special Topics in Speech Pathology and Audiology
SHH 641: Multiculturalism
SHH 642: Counseling
SHH 650: Cleft Palate, Craniofacial Disorders and Genetics
SHH 669: Language Disorders - School Age
SHH 671: Voice Disorders
SHH 673: Communication Disorders in Adults
SPM 610: Organizational Behavior and Leadership in Sport Business
SPM 630: Sport Media Management
SPM 660: Sport Marketing
SPM 665: Applied Sport Research
SPM 666: Business and Finance of Sport
SPM 675: International Sport Law
SPM 680: Strategic Management
SPM 685: Internship/Master’s Project

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