International Students

Requirements for Attending SUNY Cortland

In addition to the requirements for all new students found on the New Student Information webpage, all International students must also comply with the following health requirements for attending SUNY Cortland:

You must complete the High Risk Tuberculosis Screening form on the Student Health Web Portal.  A Tuberculin skin test (PPD) should be performed only if you are from, or have spent time in, a high risk country as defined by the CDC, WHO and the American College Health Association.  “High Incidence” areas are defined as areas with reported or estimated incidence of greater than or equal to 20 cases per 100,000 population.

The list of "High Incidence" Countries is included on the High Risk TB Screening form on the portal, or you can see the most recent lists at the World Health Organization website. (If you were born in or spent time in one of these countries you must have a PPD test done before coming to campus.)

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