Health Insurance

The Mandatory Health Fee paid by students supports all of the programs and staff of the Student Health Service and the Counseling Center. This fee DOES NOT cover any services provided by outside providers, therefore it is critical that all students carry adequate health insurance that will cover these services in the Cortland area when needed.

Please be sure that you have health insurance coverage, AND that it covers you while you are in Cortland. Many insurance plans, particularly managed care plans, do not cover services provided out of their network. If you have one of these plans, you may not have coverage, other than emergency care, when you are at the college.  Please check with your insurance carrier to be sure you are adequately covered while in Cortland.

You may also want to investigate lower cost options such as the New York State Health Insurance exchange (see below).

Title: NY State of Health: What Does it Mean for You?

NY State of Health, The Official Health Plan Marketplace, is where New Yorkers can shop for, compare and enroll in health insurance coverage.  You have a choice of health plans and help finding the plan that is right for you.  It’s the only place to get financial assistance to reduce the cost of coverage.

Health insurance offered in the Marketplace includes a comprehensive set of benefits.

To learn more, visit or call 1-855-355-5777.  

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