Fall 2021 Guidance/COVID-19 Information

Flu Vaccine Clinics

Every year influenza causes students a great deal of misery, adversely affects academic performance and sometimes results in serious illness.  This year, getting vaccinated against influenza is more important than ever.   We recommend that everyone without a contraindication, get a flu shot.  If it is available in your community, we recommend you get it before coming to campus.  Because of its importance, Student Health Services plans on providing influenza vaccines to students this year as we have done in years past.

However, due to the pandemic, we will also have to re-imagine how to safely provide this service.  As we obtain our supply of influenza vaccine, we will update our website and provide a series of emails that describe how we will provide this safe and effective vaccine.

As a reminder, the flu vaccine is FREE for students!   

Also remember that you CANNOT get the flu from the flu shot. It is biologically impossible for that to happen! You MIGHT feel a little under the weather or even have a fever for a day or so, but it will NOT make you sick, so please do not let that concern prevent you from getting a vaccine. The vast majority of people have very little or no side effects from the vaccine.

For questions and answers regarding influenza vaccination, please visit the CDC's Seasonal Influenza Shot webpage.