Student Testimonials

Jeffrey VanZant, Canada

Where to begin. Picking up and moving to a new country without knowing anyone is terrifying... But quickly I realized it wasn't a new country, it was a new home. Being a student-athlete as a member of the Hockey team allowed me to walk on to campus with 20 new friends from day one. Additionally, the professors provided me with the tools I needed to succeed and start my career in New York City. SUNY Cortland really was an experience of a lifetime, and I am grateful for all of the memories.
Jeffrey VanZant (Canada)
Major: B.A. Business Economics

Ole Daumann, GermanyStudying abroad at SUNY Cortland proved to be a very valuable experience for me personally, as it gave me a chance to dive into the American culture and to broaden my horizons. The academic classes offered interesting content and I was able to extend my professional knowledge with topics from the American point of view. I’ve participated in various great clubs and activities with an unique student community on this campus. Especially, being a student athlete in an outstanding soccer team and surrounded by excellent staff was a fantastic experience that I will always treasure.Ole Daumann (Germany)
Major: B.S. Sport Studies

Meryem Akman, Turkey

The greatest experience ever...SUNY Cortland is the best decision I have ever made! It provides me with a lot of opportunities for my academic and my social life. Not only has my English improved, but also my personal growth. I have met a lot of wonderful people here, which helped me fit in and feel like I am at home. Thanks for the adventures!
Meryem Akman (Turkey)
Major: Teaching English as a Second Language (Dual-Diploma TESL)

Claas Hebenstreit, Germany

Where should I even start....studying abroad in the U.S. has always been my dream. Getting to know the American culture, dig deep into the American student life and meet people that you will never forget was my goal when going abroad.Of course it may be a little tough leaving your loved ones at home, but trust me when I say that journey you are about to have is totally worth it. SUNY Cortland specifically is much more than just a university with one of the coolest presidents, outstanding academic programs, various sport options, and a lovely campus. For me if became a "small" family since day one. The professors, the students, the internationals, it is all about the people at SUNY in general that made my time here in Cortland such a remarkable and unique once in a lifetime experience. I am grateful for all the memories I have collected over the semester and would highly recommend to do such a trip as well to anyone who has the opportunity for it. Now I can proudly say I've became a Red Dragon!

Claas Hebenstreit (Germany)
Major: B.S. Sport Management

Ruairi Lynch, Ireland

Being a part of the SUNY Cortland academic community was a fantastic opportunity and chapter in my life. The International Programs staff went above and beyond to make my time with them memorable, fun and adventurous. My professors created an infectious learning environment, I got to spend time with students from so many different countries, cultures and backgrounds and I made friends for life in the process. I’m proud to be a SUNY Cortland Alum!
Ruairi Lynch (Ireland)
Major: M.S. International Sport Management

Ngozichukwu Mafiana, Nigeria

While at SUNY Cortland, I enjoyed the peace and quiet that school environment offered. It was so easy to focus on studying. There was no pressure to dress a certain way or be a certain way unlike most schools in larger cities such as New York City. I was able to explore several activities of interest to me. I also enjoyed being able to walk to my classes; it was the easiest way to exercise, especially on days that I could not make it to the gym. Learning also was somewhat easy because the faculty members were nice and approachable; some took keen interest in learning my background as an international student, which helped me better able to adjust to school life in America. Another great benefit to studying in SUNY Cortland was that I met my best friends here, so in all, studying at Cortland was an awesome experience. It is an experience I wouldn’t mind reliving again!
Ngozichukwu Mafiana (Nigeria)
Major: B.S. Biomedical Sciences

Codrut Vacalau, RomaniaStudying at SUNY Cortland has been a life-changing experience for me. It has definitely broadened my view of what a superior higher education should look like. I can honestly say I love it here. The professors are very friendly and willing to help; the other students are very sociable, pleasant and willing to lend a hand however they can. There is certainly a cultural adjustment period, but the friends you will make here help you integrate very quickly.
Codrut Vacalau (Romania)
Major: B.S. Engineering 3+2 Program

Kirsty Pickering, AustraliaIt comes without saying, even though it’s never been easy, that I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate to have been exposed to many different cultures and nationalities in my life so far. Moving from Australia last year was definitely a difficult experience, however, Cortland couldn’t have been a more perfect place for me. My experience at SUNY Cortland has been amazing so far and my love for Cortland grows the longer I stay here. Both the students and the professors are all welcoming and friendly and have made it easy to be my second home. My biggest advice would be to get involved and make the most of the American college experience that Cortland has to offer! I wouldn’t hesitate recommending being an international student at SUNY Cortland.

Kirsty Pickering (Australia)
Major: Childhood/Early Childhood Education

Juan Galán Sabugo, Spain

Studying at SUNY Cortland has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I had the chance to finish my degree with a different educational perspective while improving my English and enhancing several skills that nowadays are demanded by companies. Due to the diversity this college has I was able to incorporate a multicultural approach to various services. These skills include leadership, teamwork, and professionalism. I felt motivated from the time I stepped on campus by everyone that works at SUNY Cortland and I’ve made a bunch of friends in the process, from all around the world. I wish I could repeat this amazing experience again!
Juan Galán Sabugo (Spain)
Major: B.S. Psychology

Andrew Ndirangu, Kenya

SUNY Cortland has been an invaluable learning curve in my life. This school is at the intersection of so many wonderful things. The International Programs office is very welcoming and sensitive to different cultures and international students. In addition, SUNY Cortland has a highly rated practice, focused and diverse Sports Management Master’s program which I have greatly benefited from. But most of all, SUNY Cortland will always be dear to me because of the many wonderful memories and friendships that I have gained from the school and the general Cortland community.
Andrew Ndirangu (Kenya)
Major: M.S. Sports Management

Yuka Okuzumi, JapanI am so glad that I transferred to SUNY Cortland! I have attended several colleges before Cortland, but this college had by far the best classes and professors that I ever had. My major was Business Economics and the classes were very useful and I am able to utilize the information in my current profession. I’ve got a lot of help from my professors/classmates, and I’ve learned a lot about the international business, finance, economics and languages. Other than classes, I really appreciate the career service center, because they helped me secure a great internship. It was a wonderful experience and lots of thanks to the International Programs office for supporting me through the best college experience!!!
Yuka Okuzumi (Japan)
Major: B.A. Business Economics

Ispana T. Bishsash, BangladeshSUNY Cortland is a great University. The professors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and the courses are well structured. The University's Career Services and the Professors help you find internships and job throughout the country. SUNY Cortland provides scholarships and assistantships to international students. The campus is beautiful and has great recreational facilities. All the students and staff are super friendly and they always go the extra mile to help students out. I would definitely recommend SUNY Cortland to all the students who are looking to study in the United States..

Ispana T. Bishsash (Bangladesh)
Major: M.S. Sustainable Energy Systems

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