Dual-Diploma Programs

Program Overview

Since 2004, SUNY Cortland and Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey have partnered on a strong and vibrant Dual-Diploma Programs (DDP) in the fields of teaching English as a second language and business economics.

The SUNY Cortland-Anadolu University articulation agreements, which have been approved by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) and SUNY, establish programs of study where academic credits are reciprocated between the institutions. Each program allows the students to begin their studies in Turkey and then continue their academic progress at SUNY Cortland. By the end of the program, students have completed four or more semesters in Turkey and four or more in the United States. Upon completion, the student will graduate with degrees from both universities.

Dual-Diploma Programs at SUNY Cortland

B.A. Teaching English as a Second Language

M.S. Ed. Teaching English as a Second Language

B.A.  Business Economics with concentrations in Financial Management, International Business, and Economics.
Banu Bozkurt

Admission Requirements

Prospective Turkish students who graduated from a high school in Turkey will be admitted to the international dual diploma program in B.A. degree by OSYM according to their YKS scores (DiL score type).  Non-Turkish students will be admitted to the program according to the Anadolu University Foreign Student Application, Admission, and Registration Guideline and the Turkish Higher Education Council's Foreign Student Admissions Guideline.

Turkish and non-Turkish students who are admitted to Anadolu University will also be admitted to SUNY Cortland. However, in order to start their education at SUNY Cortland, students' GPA at Anadolu University should be a minimum of 2.50 over 4.00; and they should have a minimum English proficiency score on an exam accepted by SUNY Cortland, as noted below.

Once admitted to the program, the student begins their studies at Anadolu University. TESL students typically enroll at Anadolu University in years 1 and 4, and enroll at SUNY Cortland in years 2 and 3. Business Economics students enroll in years 1 and 2 at Anadolu University and years 3 and 4 at SUNY Cortland. Master’s students typically enroll in year 1 at Anadolu University and in year 2 at SUNY Cortland.

Admission to a DDP Program and Enrollment at Anadolu University

  1. Students complete the university entrance exam (TYT) followed by the university placement exam (YKS).
  2. ÖSYM calculates the placement scores and distributes the results to students. Students are placed in the DDP program based on their score and enroll at Anadolu University. For more information about ÖSYM and ÖSYS, please contact the SUNY Turkey Office.

Coming to Cortland to Continue the DDP Program

  1. After the student has completed an established number of credits at Anadolu University, SUNY Cortland will review their eligibility to continue the DDP program at Cortland, based on minimum GPA and English proficiency test scores. Students should submit to SUNY Cortland’s International Programs Office the following documentation, preferably by June 1 to start fall semester or November 1 to start spring semester:

International student wearing graduation robe and cap on the steps of Old Main building

Features of the Dual-Diploma Programs at SUNY Cortland

  • Develop a global perspective
  • Enhance English skills
  • Demanding program that meets and exceeds worldwide academic standards
  • Opportunities to connect classroom theory to hands-on practice with internships, and fieldwork
  • Excellent faculty and student support offices
  • Over 70 sponsored student clubs and organizations
  • Students can engage in many social events and excursions

You will find in SUNY Cortland a supportive environment. Our International Programs office, and many other offices on campus, are dedicated to ensuring that DDP students enjoy all that our campus has to offer. There is no better time in your life to develop new friendships, gain new understandings and broaden your horizons.

Please see our International Student Testimonials to learn about the DDP student experience.

Meryem and Koray

Program Costs

Students pay tuition and fees to Anadolu University bills for their Anadolu-based coursework and pay SUNY Cortland for their Cortland-based coursework.  Find information on Anadolu tuition and fees for non-Turkish studentsFind information on SUNY Cortland tuition and fees.

Anadolu University - SUNY Cortland Partnership Agreements

Dual Bachelor's in TESL

Dual Bachelor's in Business Economics

Contact Details

SUNY Cortland International Programs Office
Daniela Baban Hurrle, Director of International Programs

Tel: +1-607-753-2209

SUNY Turkey Office
Busra Cebeci, Program Director
Tel: + 90 212 319 1838-39