Focus 2

FOCUS 2 is a self-guided career, major, and education planning system designed to guide you through the steps of the career planning process. You can use FOCUS 2 at any stage of your education and career planning according to your personal needs. Start with any feature, repeat a feature if desired, and use the system as an ongoing resource. All your results are saved and accessible in your FOCUS 2 Portfolio.

Suggestions for first-time users

  • Begin with My Career Planning Readiness to understand the career planning process.
  • Take the assessments to best match with careers that interest you.
  • Learn about yourself using the Self-Assessments. Discover majors and occupations that match your attributes.
  • Explore Major Areas of Study that match your interests and support your career goals.

 Suggestions for returning users

  • Use for ongoing career exploration.
  • If applicable, begin thinking about advanced education and training.
  • Explore future options for transitioning into specialized occupations.
  • Save occupations and major areas of study that appeal to you as you are working through the different sections.

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