Laptop Policy for Faculty/Staff

As a service to SUNY Cortland faculty and staff, Memorial Library has a small number of PC laptops that may be used on or off campus.This policy provides eligible SUNY Cortland faculty and staff with guidelines for borrowing laptops from Memorial Library. Users are expected to be self-directed in their use of the laptops and must abide by SUNY Cortland's Network Use Policy.


Laptops can be checked out by SUNY Cortland faculty and staff with a current SUNY Cortland identification card and who maintain a valid library account in good standing. The user's ID card must be presented to The Help Center staff each time a laptop is borrowed. Under no circumstance will a user be allowed to check out a laptop for another person.

Borrowing Process

Faculty should be reserve a laptop at least 24 hours before it is needed, which can be done via the Faculty/Staff Equipment Loan form.  This form can also be found by logging into MyRedDragon and navigating to the Tech Help tab. One laptop per user will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis.  The Help Center cannot guarantee availability of equipment.  The Help Center does not deliver equipment.

Before leaving Memorial Library with a laptop, faculty and staff must log into the network. Otherwise, the laptop will be unable to recognize credentials once off campus.

All Faculty/Staff loaner laptops are wiped clean upon check in. Therefore, all documents, files, and user profiles will be removed. It is the borrower's responsibility to ensure all information and files of importance have been safely secured prior to checking equipment in. Once equipment has been checked in, The Help Center will not be able to retrieve any lost information. 

The standard loan period for faculty laptops is one week.


By checking out a laptop, the borrower will be held financially responsible in cases of damage, loss of, or theft of the laptop. The replacement cost of a damaged, lost or stolen laptop is $1600.00. The person who checks out the laptop is responsible for its safe return in good condition. Laptops should never be left unattended. Memorial Library assumes no responsibility if the laptop is stolen while checked out to a user, either in the library or elsewhere.


The SUNY Cortland Faculty Laptops come with MS Office (Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Skype for Business & Word), Adobe Reader, & Windows Defender (Antivirus and Antimalware Software). Faculty and staff have the privilege to install free software on their own. Any software not stated above or that requires a license is not supported, guaranteed, and may not be available.

Limitations on Use

Upon return, all laptops will be subject to a maintenance review by The Help Center staff to ensure proper working order. Users must not tamper with the hardware or software already installed on the laptop. The laptops are to be used for College business only.