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Ryan Vooris

Ryan Vooris

Ryan Vooris earned his Phd from Indiana University in 2015. For his dissertation he developed a psychometric scale to measure the motivations of Twitter users. He previously earned his undergraduate degree at SUNY Cortland and his M.S. from Indiana University. He also studied at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY.

Ryan’s research focuses on new and emerging media and technology, with a special focus on social media. He also studies online disinhibition, relationship marketing in the sport management field, and elements of sport history His published research has appeared in leading journals such as the Journal of Sport Management, Communication & Sport, Journal of Sports Media, Global Sport Business Journal and Journal of Contemporary Athletics. He regularly presents his research at international academic conferences such as the North American Society for Sport Management, the International Association for Communication and Sport, and the Global Sport Business Association Conference.

Before returning to school to earn his advance degrees, Ryan worked as a movie theatre manager for Regal Entertainment Group and as a Media Department Supervisor for Best Buy. His experience in the sport industry includes time spent in ticket sales, administration, and promotion while working in Minor League Baseball, Division I athletics, and at a NFL Training Camp. Before returning to school in 2010, he wrote regularly about sports for numerous websites.

Originally from Herkimer, NY, Ryan is an avid reader and movie buff who lives in nearby Lansing, NY with his wife Teresa and their dog Charlotte. In his spare time he coaches little league and basketball for his two children and quizzes them on Star Wars trivia. He wishes Mark Wohlers had not thrown a slider to Jim Leyritz in Game 4 of the 1996 World Series.


Ph.D., Human Performance, emphasis in Sport Management, Indiana University

M.S., Kinesiology, emphasis in Sport Management, Indiana University

B.S., Sport Management, State University of New York at Cortland College


Undergraduate Courses

COR 101 – Introduction to Cortland

SPM 100 – Introduction to Computer Applications

SPM 275 - Foundations of Sport Management

SPM 287 - Fantasy Sports and Video Games

SPM 325 - Introduction to Sport Analytics 

SPM 335 – Information Technology in Sport

SPM 346 - Social Media Operations in Sport

SPM 460 – Applied Sport Sales and Marketing

Graduate Courses

SPM 630 – Sport Media Management

SPM 635 - Information Technology in Sport

SPM 647 - Intercollegiate Athletics Management

SPM 650 – Research Methods in Sport Management


Peer Reviewed Publications

Vooris, R., Blaszka, M., & Barnett, S. (in press). Exploring the purchase intentions and usage patterns of wearable fitness trackers. Sociological Journal of Leisure.

Vooris, R., Lee, J. Y., Clavio, G., & Pedersen, P. M. (2018). From the driver’s seat: Fan expectations of IndyCar driver Twitter usage. International Journal of Motorsport Management, 6, 1-17.

Clavio, G. & Vooris, R. (2018). ESPN and the hostile media effect. Communication & Sport.

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Academic Presentations

Clavio, G., Smith, L., Vooris, R., Boehmer, J., & Frederick, E. (2017, April 2). A new horizon for social media research in sport communication: A roundtable discussion. 10th Summit on Communication and Sport, Phoenix, Az. 

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Kozman, C., Vooris, R., Clavio, G. (advisor) & Major, L.H. (advisor). (2014, March 15). A meta analysis of theory and methodology in sport communication research, 1924-2012. 2014 Summit for Communication and Sport, New York, NY.

Book Chapters

Vooris, R., & Clavio, G. (in press). Scale development. In J.M. Matthes (Ed.), International Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishing.

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