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Communication Disorders and Sciences

Our challenging pre-professional program brings together theoretical knowledge, research, and clinical practice to give you exceptional preparation for a future in speech-language pathology and audiology.

You will learn critical thinking as it applies to clinical problem-solving, how to relate classroom theory to clinical settings, use the resources of SUNY Cortland’s Center for Speech, Language and Hearing Disorders, and have the opportunity to work closely with top-notch faculty on clinical research.

Ultimately, a master’s degree is necessary for professional positions in speech-language pathology and an Au.D. is needed to practice as an audiologist. Graduates from our program go on to successful careers as speech-language pathologists and audiologists in schools, medical centers, rehabilitation clinics, acute care, industry, and many other settings.


Graduate students build awareness of aphasia

June 7, 2022
June has been declared Aphasia Awareness Month locally thanks to the Communication Disorders and Sciences Department.

SUNY Cortland employees honored by SUNY

May 17, 2022
Seven university faculty and staff members received a SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence.

Sophia’s Garden makes philosophers of children

June 29, 2021
Toddlers to teens cultivate ideas they need to understand their world.

SUNY Cortland to provide Parkinson’s speech therapy

Oct. 7, 2019
The Parkinson Voice Project supports the work of faculty and students in the Communication Disorders and Sciences Department.

Cortland named one of nation’s healthiest campuses

Sept. 23, 2019
Partnership for a Healthier America named Cortland one of the 32 healthiest campuses in the country.


We have the Cortland Chapter of the National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA).

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