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Dingle Stone Wall

Ireland: Dingle Summer Art

The Dingle peninsula on the southwest coast of County Kerry is world famous for its magnificent scenery: mountains cascading into the ocean, lush green farmland, and charming fishing villages. The town of Dingle is colorful and lovely, with sandy beaches, seafood restaurants, art galleries, craft shops, summer theater, and pubs filled with fantastic musical performances.

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Belize: History Art and Culture

This life changing educational experience focusing on the Ancient Maya Civilization in Belize is the perfect winter study program. You will have the opportunity for full cultural immersion and research as you explore the remains and ruins of ancient Mayan archaeological sites while learning of the ritual practices and customs of this mysterious civilization.

Led by Professor Jeremiah Donovan, recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Internationalization, you will be introduced to the ecological wonders of the tropical rain-forest while experiencing Belizean homegrown hospitality and culture.  

The final days of this program will allow you to experience a day of snorkeling on one of the last remaining living Barrier Reefs in the world, off the coast of Belize in the Caribbean Sea.

Belize is an English speaking country with Spanish and Mayan often spoken in rural communities.

Undergraduate or Graduate students are welcome to apply!

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