Strategic Planning Steering Committee

President Bitterbaum recently appointed a Strategic Planning Steering Committee comprised of faculty, professionals, and administrators from across the college.  The committee's charge is the following:

1) To engage the campus in developing a vision and strategic plan through the next five years

2) To establish parameters for determining priorities for further planning and initiatives

3) To develop a long-term roadmap of prioritized strategic initiatives that reflects the mission of the College and allows for future relevant initiatives during tight budgetary times

With MOU II approaching completion in 2010, it is time to engage in a new round of strategic planning that will effectively carry the institution through 2015 or longer.  New factors to be included in our planning will be preparing for our Middle States reaccreditation visit in 2012, which requires planning to be linked to budgeting; and economic factors that require SUNY Cortland to reflect carefully on prioritizing initiatives that can be reasonably accommodated within the constraints of the budget.  In addition, elements of the recent SUNY Cortland marketing initiative should be incorporated into the strategic plan, including strengthening our mission and the development of a vision.

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) will be working in concert with the Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC; a faculty senate committee) in this effort.  The LRPC is charged with addressing long-range planning for academic affairs, and plans to collect data and ideas from the academic side of campus regarding priorities in strategic planning to address issues important to the next Strategic Planning cycle for SUNY Cortland.