Strategic Planning Committee  Timeline(Draft)







Revision of College Mission Statement

 Why are we here?

-Establish working definition for an effective mission statement

-Revision of the mission statement to be concise


 October 2008-May 2009



-survey campus on critical elements of mission statement





-Break out non-mission items from statement

-introduce history statement





-Circulate revised mission statement via email and request feedback





-Establish website  to share background and working documents



-Identify previous value statements from across divisions

- Finalize Mission and History Statements






-establishing working definition of core values





-survey on the values that are important to this campus

-clarify questions

-clarify who will receive

-best way to get responses




-Circulate findings to campus

 -final mission

-final history

-draft of core values from survey




Identification of Institutional Core Values

What principles guide our work?

- Survey campus with appreciation scan

- Hold five campus open meetings for discussion

- identify campus facilitators

- one committee member assigned to help at each

- web cast

- Dashboards 

 Start February 2009



-Finalize the core values

Finish by May 1, 2009


Environmental Scan

Where are we now as an institution?

- Survey campus

-identify key representatives on campus for discussion

 February 2009



-use President's retreat to develop draft vision statement

-bring in external facilitator

- Create a draft Vision for the Campus and identify top (five maximum)strategic initiatives  



Creation of a Vision and Identification of Priorities

Where do we want to be?

- use President's retreat to review all feedback gathered

- bring in external facilitator

- Create a draft Vision for the Campus and identify top (five maximum)priorities 

 June 2009



-President presents draft vision and initiatives at opening

- Rollout Draft Vision and Initiatives


 August 2009







Strategic Plan Creation

How will we get there?

-workshops on planning to provide structure

- Development of strategic plans
















The committee meets every Friday at 8:15 a.m. in Miller 405