Teaching Resources for Online Global Engagement

Teaching Resources for (Online) Global Engagement

Edited by Celeste McNamara (History), Scott Moranda (History), Jeremy Jimenez (Foundations and Social Advocacy) and Alexandru Balas (International Studies and Clark Center for Global Engagement)

Online Global Engagement Projects Developed by SUNY Cortland Professors

Global Workforce Project / Globalization101

FLTeach Website

SUNY Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Center

SUNY Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Website

Other Resources


Soliya (putting your classroom in audio/video touch with classrooms from the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Europe, and North America) – Soliya facilitators would facilitate dialogue for 16 hours of live synchronous interaction (8 sessions of 2 hours each) for your students; very easy to incorporate in your current classes as discussion sessions/seminar time - see the FAQ at the bottom of the Soliya webpage below; Students have approximately 25 hours of assignments (readings, homework, final project, and live meetings); Minimum number of students is 20 from the institution; Mostly for disciplines such as humanities, social sciences, engineering, business, but open to others, too. If interested about more details please contact Alexandru.Balas@cortland.edu and Mary.Schlarb@cortland.edu

Soliya Website

Experiential Online Learning / Role Play Simulations

ICONS Project


Subscriptions to Daily Chatter, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal through SUNY Cortland:

Daily Chatter

New York Times

Wall Street Journal

The Guardian

Der Spiegel in English

Süddeutsche Zeitung in English

Die Zeit in English





Deutsche Welle

Le Monde Diplomatique in English

Radio Podcasts

BBC Radio Podcasts

Videos: University Lectures, Documentaries & Feature Films

Kanopy (through myreddragon-Library-Databases-Kanopy) – excellent resources of lectures, documentaries, and feature films

Films On Demand (through myreddragon-Library-Databases-Films on Demand) - similar to Kanopy but without the feature films

Al Jazeera Documentaries

Al Jazeera Shows

Arte TV (some shows are geo-coded, but many are available in U.S., too)

France24 in English


Deutsche Welle Television

TED Talks on Global Issues


Humanities and Social Sciences Online

Rachel Carson Center (Munich) Environment and Society Portal

Books from Countries of the World

One Book From Every Country

Google Arts and Culture

Google Earth

One Film from Each Country


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