International Grants


Nando Peretil Foundation (SPIN 22592)

Grants for work in human rights, children’s education and protection (and other areas).

Spencer Grant:  Initiative on Philosophy in Education Policy (SPIN 15525)

$40,000 for three years of research on philosophy of educational policy.

United States-Japan Foundation (SPIN 02560)

Grants support: pre-college education initiatives (ranges from $5000 to $25,000) 

Eckert (Georg) Institute for International Textbook Research (SPIN 25187)

Spend 4-6 weeks at a German Institute on informational exchange on textbook writing

Performing Arts

Theatre Communications Group:  Global Connections (School of Arts and Sciences)

Two grants, one for $6000 and one for $10,000 (to develop international collaborations)

Clark (Robert Sterling) Foundation International Cultural Engagement (SPIN 10982)

Funds cultural (visual and performing arts) exchange with Latin America, Middle East, and Africa

Science and Math

American Mathematical Society China Exchange Program (SPIN 21768)

Supports travel of mathematicians to collaborate with Chinese colleagues

Feinberg Foundation Visiting Faculty Program (SPIN 13061)

Provides support to spend 1 month-1 year doing collaborative research at Weizmann Institute in Israel

Foundation for the Future (School of Arts and Sciences)

Research that promotes and facilitates understanding of the human genome and its importance for and effects upon the long-range future of humanity.  (Can be used for foreign travel)

Packard Foundation

Funds studies and actions on world fisheries, marine bird populations, climate change, biofuels, and some general science areas.

American Society for Microbiology International Professorship Program

Provides funding for a U.S. professor to travel to India for collaboration and research.

USAID Jefferson Science Fellowship

Jefferson Science Fellows spend one year on assignment at the U.S. Department of State or USAID as science advisors on foreign policy issues. As part of their assignments, Jefferson Fellows also have the opportunity to travel to U.S. embassies and missions overseas.

International Research Scientist Development Award (IRSDA) (K01)

Fogarty International Center (FIC) invites applications for the International Research Scientist Development Award. This program provides support and protected time (three to five years) to advanced postdoctoral (at least two years beyond conferral of doctoral degree) U.S. research scientists for an intensive, mentored research career development experience in a low- or middle-income country (LMIC) as defined by the World Bank (; low-income, lower-middle-income, and upper-middle-income countries are included) leading to an independent research career focused on global health. FIC invites K01 applications from biomedical, epidemiological, clinical, biostatistical, social and behavioral scientists in the formative stages of their research careers. This FOA will utilize the K01 award mechanism.

International Wildlife Health Institute

The sponsor provides funding for projects which are classified into three distinct types: Internationally significant wildlife health projects that have sustainable benefits at the ecosystem level that also provide favorable economic impact for the local communities in which they are conducted; regionally significant sustainable wildlife health projects that provide long-term favorable economic benefits to the local community; and scientific research projects that improve our understanding of key factors that enhance the sustainable health of a free-ranging wildlife and the environments they inhabit.

Foreign Policy/Statecraft/Peacebuilding

Smith Richardson Foundation

Gives a one-year salary to junior faculty to write a book on subjects related to American foreign policy.  Will support international travel.

United States Institute of Peace

Grants awarded for developing models for peacebuilding in global contexts

Specific International Regions

East Asia

American Council for Learned Studies: American Research in China

Supports four months to one year of research in China 

Association for Asian Studies (School of Arts and Sciences)

Offers $2000 for travel and curricular development.

Asian Cultural Council (School of Arts and Sciences)

Individuals of Asian descent may apply for grants to conduct research, study, and receive training.  Amounts of these grants vary and will support an individual anywhere from one month to a year.

Organizations (SUNY Cortland) may apply for a $10,000 for projects including cultural exchange with Asia.

Asia Rice Foundation (SPIN 69010)

Travel grant up to $3500 to study any issue related to rice production in the developing world.

Blakemore Foundation Language Grants

Language Grants for the (advanced) study of Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Khmer, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Burmese.  Applicant must have some language training in target language prior to application.  The grant supports one year of study in-country.  Grants support one year cost of living in target country plus stipends for travel 

United States-Japan Foundation (SPIN 02560)

Communication and Media studies related to U.S./Japan (generally $20,000 and up)

Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange

Provides substantial research and scholar grants for subjects relating to Chinese/Taiwanese studies

Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (SPIN 25660)

Funds research projects (resulting in management methods) for the following areas:  Rights of Persons with Disabilities (SE Asia); Improving Civil Society Influence (in Vietnam);  Supporting Civil Society (Cambodia)

The Glaser Progress Foundation

Funds research (varying amounts) on media, Global HIV/AIDS, and methods to “measure progress.”

Open Meadows Foundation (School of Arts and Sciences)

Supports research (implemented by women) on issues related to indigenous women, environmental activism, and some other areas.  Will support travel to conferences (focusing on issues of interest to the foundation).


The Québec Studies Program (School of Arts and Sciences)

Provides funds for research on, and publication about, Québec; will support travel to the region.  Also offers a grant to develop a course on Québec (for travel costs). Meant to increase awareness about Québec at U.S. Universities

Africa/Latin America

Tinker Foundation INC. (School of Arts and Sciences)

Open to centers, institutes, and universities dealing with Latin American studies.  Focus of grants is on democratic governance, sustainable resource management, and education.  Grants for field research are between $10,000 and $15,000.

United States Institute of Peace (School of Arts and Sciences)

Grants support conflict analysis, mediation, religion and peacemaking, women and girls in conflict areas, rule of law, physical/psychological impacts of conflict, media and conflict.  Awards range from $50,000 to $120,000

Clark (Robert Sterling) Foundation International Cultural Engagement (SPIN 10982)

Funds cultural exchange with Latin America, Middle East, and Africa


Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation (School of Arts and Sciences)

Venetian Research Program offers grants for travel to and residence in Venice to do historical research on Venetian history.

General International

The Glaser Progress Grant

Funds research in areas of independent media, animal advocacy, measuring progress, and Global HIV/AIDS.  Can be used for international research.

Packard Foundation

Offers grants to carry out research on population and reproductive health

Department of State International Sports Programming Initiative (SPIN 64804)

Funds projects devoted to youth engagement (ages 7-17) in areas of sport and health in global locations.