Fall 2021 Guidance/COVID-19 Information


Where do I send my transcripts and other application materials?
Send transcripts and other materials to:
Undergraduate Admissions
SUNY Cortland
P.O. Box 2000
Cortland, NY 13045
Do I need to declare a major when I apply?
Yes. In order to be considered for admission all applicants must choose a major. To see our academic offerings please view our list of majors.
How many credits can I transfer?
You may transfer 64 credits from a 2-year college. Students with credit from four-colleges may receive additional credit hours toward degree requirements at Cortland. The maximum number of transfer credit hours accepted is 90.
Is on-campus housing available for transfer students?
Yes. We require all new transfer students to live on-campus for 1 year (unless you meet the criteria for living off-campus), and we reserve space specifically for transfer students in several of our upperclassmen residence halls.
Do I need to provide my SAT/ACT scores?
If you are transferring in with more than 30 credits, you will not be asked for SAT or ACT scores. You are required to submit your high school transcript regardless of how many college credits you’ve earned.
How will my credits transfer?
To see how courses may transfer you can look at our Transfer Course Equivalency charts. To find out how those credits will fit into your intended major, you can utilize the college catalog.
Can I apply for scholarships?
Merit-based scholarships are awarded to transfer students at the time of admission. No separate application is required, and recipients are notified in their acceptance letter. The Phi Theta Kappa scholarship is awarded to a limited number of transfer students who are members of the PTK honor society.  Please submit a copy of your PTK induction certificate for consideration.
When can I register for classes?
All new transfer students will attend a Transfer Transition Seminar prior to the start of their first semester. During this one-day session, new students will meet with an advisor from their intended major and register for classes.
Can I receive financial aid?
Yes. To be eligible for financial aid, you will have to add SUNY Cortland to your FAFSA. The Financial Aid page will provide you more information on this process.
What is the minimum GPA for admission?
2.5 is the minimum GPA to transfer, and admission requirements may vary depending on intended major.
If I earned college credits in high school will they transfer?
Yes. We will award credit for college coursework completed in high school if you provide us official transcripts from the institution awarding those credits. Transfer Equivalencies.
Where can I find more information about campus safety?
In accordance with the federal Clery Act, SUNY Cortland’s University Police Department (UPD) publishes a Campus Safety Report. This includes important safety procedures, monthly crime statistics and the many ways for students, faculty and staff members to report a crime. The Campus Safety Report receives additional input from the Vice President’s Office, Division of Student Affairs, and the following offices: Communications, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Residence Life and Housing and Student Conduct.

The report is available on the UPD webpage.