Application FAQs

You likely will have several questions during the application process. Below are answers to some of the most common ones.

Contact the Admissions Office at 607-753-4711 or with follow-up questions or for more clarification.

Can I check my application status online?

SUNY Cortland uses an online application checklist, but admissions decisions are sent exclusively through the mail. You can use the live chat tool to chat with an Admissions Office staff member. Replies are sent during business hours on weekdays. Select the Red Dragon chat feature on your screen.

Is there a supplement or second part of the application?

If you completed the SUNY Application, you should also complete the SUNY Supplemental Application. If you completed the Common Application, there is no additional supplement required.

When should I apply?

The deadline to apply for early action consideration is Nov. 15. There is no deadline for regular admission, but we recommend applying by Dec. 1 for full consideration.

Can I schedule an interview?

We do not include formal interviews as part of the admissions process, but we encourage you to visit the campus during the application and decision process. You can schedule a visit online and speak with a staff member from the Admissions Office during your visit.

I filled out and paid for the Common Application, but why hasn’t Cortland received it?

You may have completed the application without submitting it. Log in to your Common Application account and verify that you submitted the application to Cortland and any other schools to which you’ve applied. You may also call the Admissions Office to verify if your application has been successfully submitted.

Does it matter whether I complete the SUNY Application or the Common Application?

No. We have no preference which application you complete. Just be sure to let your college counselor know which one youve selected so that the required documents are sent in the appropriate manner.

Does SUNY Cortland require the SAT or ACT?

SUNY Cortland is test-optional for prospective students, meaning that the university will not require an SAT or ACT score from its applicants.

I have an IEP. How do you take that into consideration?

We do not utilize this information in the admissions process. However, if you have a documented learning disability, you may qualify for the appropriate services after enrolling. To find out more about services offered, go to the Disability Resources Office page.

Will you accept my AP, IB or college credits?

Yes, if you took AP, IB, CLEP or college-level coursework through your high school, you may be eligible to receive SUNY Cortland credit based on your performance in the class or on the corresponding exam. Refer to the Transfer Equivalency Charts to find out more about how credits transfer.

Do I have to select a major on my application?

Yes, but you may choose undecided. We will ask you to indicate your selected major on your supplemental application, even if you are undecided. At SUNY Cortland, our pre-major option allows students who are undecided on a major to learn about themselves, explore our wide array of academic majors and make decisions with confidence.

Im not sure if I qualify for the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). How do I learn more?

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) offers college access, financial support and research-proven academic help to students who have strong potential but might otherwise be excluded from higher education due to circumstances of academic under-preparation and economic disadvantage. Applicants must meet guidelines related to academics and household income. If you’re not sure whether you qualify for EOP, contact the Admissions Office first. If you apply for EOP but are not eligible, it might slow down your application, so it’s best to let us help you determine which admission option will be the best for you.

What happens if I am not accepted during the early action process?

Your application may be forwarded into the regular admission pool to be reviewed again later in the process, but it is not automatic. Early action applicants should feel confident about being admitted to SUNY Cortland. If you’re not sure whether you're a strong candidate for early action admission, we encourage you to contact the Admissions Office or apply during the regular admission process so that you allow us more time to review your application and work with you throughout the process.

Where can I find more information about campus safety?

In accordance with the federal Clery Act, SUNY Cortland’s University Police Department (UPD) publishes a Campus Safety Report. This includes important safety procedures, monthly crime statistics and the many ways for students, faculty and staff members to report a crime. The Campus Safety Report receives additional input from the Vice President’s Office, Division of Student Affairs, and the following offices: Communications, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Residence Life and Housing, and Student Conduct.

The report is available on the UPD webpage.