Can I check my application status online?

While we do not have an online application checker, you can use our live chat tool to chat with an Admissions representative and inquire about your application. (This is better than an "application checker", because you get a real person!) Click on the "Chat with Us" widget on the lower left-hand corner of your screen.

Is there a supplement or part 2 of the application?

If you completed the SUNY Application, you should also complete the SUNY Supplemental Application. If you completed the Common Application, there is no additional supplement required.

When should I apply?

The deadline for applying Early Action is Nov. 15. There is no deadline for Regular Admission, but we recommend you apply by Dec. 1 (this date is especially important for scholarship consideration).

Is an interview required?

No. We do not require interviews, but encourage you to visit the campus prior to making your enrollment decision. You can schedule a visit online.

I filled out and paid for the CommonApp, but Cortland says they don't have it. Why not?

You may have completed the application, but not submitted it. Log-on to your Common Application account and verify that you submitted the application to Cortland and any other schools to which you’ve applied. You may also call our office to verify whether or not it has been successfully submitted.

Does it matter whether I complete the SUNY Application or the Common Application?

No. We have no preference which application you complete. Just be sure to let your guidance counselor know which one you've selected so that she may send your required documents to us in the appropriate manner.

I'm taking the SAT/ACT again. Should I send my application now or wait until after the test?

Don’t wait! Send in your application now, and follow up with any additional information (SAT or ACT scores, teacher recommendations, essay etc.) as soon as you are able. Please be sure to let us know of any future test dates you are scheduled for- and keep in mind- we will superscore your results.

I have an IEP.  How do you take that into consideration?

We do not utilize this information in the admissions process, however, if you have a documented learning (or other) disability, you may qualify for services upon enrollment. To find out more about services offered, go to the Student Disability Services website.

Will you accept my AP/IB/college credits?

Yes! If you took an AP, IB, CLEP or college course through your high school, there is a good chance we'll award you college credits. Use the Transfer Equivalencies link to find out more about what scores you need and how your credits might transfer.

Do I have to have my SAT/ACT scores sent to you electronically?

No. We will accept your test scores many different ways- they do not need to be sent directly from the testing agency.

Do I have to declare a major on my application?

Yes, but you may choose “undecided.” We will ask you to indicate your selected major on your supplemental application (even if it is undecided). 

My counselor mentioned something about EOP. I'm not sure if I qualify- how should I apply?

If you’re not sure whether or not you qualify for EOP, give us a call first. If you apply for EOP but aren’t actually eligible, it might slow down your application, so it's best to let us help you determine which admission option will be the best for you.

Does Cortland require SAT II's?

No. We only look at SAT I or ACT scores.

What happens if I don't get accepted for Early Action?

Your application may be put into the Regular Admission pool to be reviewed again later in the process, but it’s not automatic. If you’re not sure whether they're a strong candidate for admission, it’s probably best to apply Regular Admission instead of Early Action, so that you allow us more time to review your information and work with you throughout the process.

What is Cortland's SAT/ACT code to report my scores?

SAT code: 2538, ACT code: 2932

Where can I find more information about campus safety?

In accordance with the federal Clery Act, SUNY Cortland’s University Police Department (UPD) publishes a Campus Safety Report. This includes important safety procedures, monthly crime statistics and the many ways for students, faculty and staff members to report a crime. The Campus Safety Report receives additional input from the Vice President’s Office, Division of Student Affairs, and the following offices: Communications, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Residence Life and Housing and Student Conduct.

The report is available on the UPD webpage