Nominating one of your colleagues

Excellence in Professional Service Award

The Excellence in Professional Service award recognizes the important role professional employees play in the overall success of the institution. Service above and beyond what is expected can positively impact our students, our colleagues and our processes, thereby increasing the overall success of SUNY Cortland.

One award is given annually and the recipient will receive a one-time honorarium of $1,000, a plaque, and will be recognized at the annual Cortland Excels: Honoring Excellence in Teaching, Research and Service awards ceremony held each September.


Any professional employee who has completed at least two years of service at SUNY Cortland and has not won the award previously is eligible.


In nomination and selection of this award, excellence in one or more of the following areas should be documented:

  • Demonstrated commitment to student service, either through direct interaction or the development or enhancement of programs and services that respond to student needs
  • Characteristics of leadership, organization and problem solving skills
  • Creativity in the development of and implementation of ideas, concepts, technology and processes to improve effectiveness or maximize resources.


Typed letters of nomination must be submitted to Jeff Denmon, Professional Service Awards Committee Chair in Student Accounts. Please include the following:

  • Name, title and department of the nominee
  • Name of nominator and relationship to nominee (e.g. colleague, supervisor, student)
  • Specific information in support of nomination
  • Two letters of support

The Awards Committee reserves the right to request additional supporting information as necessary. Nominations should be for current contributions and for activities that would either not be considered to be within the normal scope of activities included in the nominee’s performance program or should be documented to show how the contribution far exceeded normal expectations.

Please consider nominating one of your colleagues for their exemplary service. There are few greater compliments than to have a peer, student, or alumni notice a job well done by a professional staff member. For more information, contact the Professional Service Awards Committee Chair, Jeff Denmon, Director of College and Student Accounting Services, at 607-753-2313.