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Cortaca Jug Weekend: Guest Registration Policies

The following policies are implemented for the weekend of November 11, 2016:

  • You will be permitted to register only one overnight guest for both Friday and Saturday, November 11 and 12; you cannot register a different guest each night
  • Guests will not be permitted on Thursday, November 10
  • All guests must be pre-registered by 3 p.m., Wednesday, November 9; failure to do so will result in loss of guest privileges
  • Guests must be between the ages of 17-24 by Friday, November 11

The standard guest registration system will not be available to register guests for Friday and Saturday, November 11 and 12. You must utilize the form on the following screen.

Guest Registration Instructions:

  • The guest registration will be available on October 19
  • Log into myRedDragon > Student Tab > Housing Process and Information
  • Select Forms > Cortaca Jug Guest Registration
    • Before completing the form, you will be prompted to sign an agreement acknowledging that you understand the policies for the weekend
  • Submit your form online prior to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, November 9, 2016. Exceptions will not be made. You will receive a confirmation message and email once your form is submitted. You will have the ability to make changes to your guest information until 3 p.m. on November 9.
  • When your guest arrives- check in at the staff office
    • Check-in times on Friday, November 11:
      • During your RHD’s posted office hours, from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m., and RA duty hours
    • Check-in times on Saturday, November 12:
      • RA duty hours
    • Your guest must present a photo ID with a birthdate; if the ID has no birthdate the guest will be marked as underage
    • Your guest will receive a wristband which must be worn for their entire stay
    • If the wristband breaks, see a hall staff member immediately

You are responsible for your guest’s actions for the entire time they are on campus.  SUNY Cortland and its employees reserve the right to remove your guest at any point if their behavior is deemed disruptive or if they are violating College policies.   Review the Student Code of Conduct online or see hall staff.  Any attempt to alter information or create counterfeit wristbands will result in the immediate removal of your guest and referral to the Student Conduct Office.

Move Back on Campus

Are you returning from a leave of absence? Did you try off campus housing and aren't happy? If you previously lived on campus and would like to return, complete the wait list form that corresponds with the semester you would like to begin your housing.

How to access the form:

  1. Log into myRedDragon and go the student tab.
  2. Look for the Residence Life and Housing section; select the Housing Process and Information link.
  3. Go to Applications and select Wait List Housing Request for the appropriate semester.

I want to fill out the form, but the semester I need housing isn't listed.

For fall semester housing: form will be available on the first Monday of February.

For spring semester housing: form will be available on the first Monday of October.

Your Stories

Living in a residence hall is part of the college experience. We want your help to give a glimpse of what life is like living in the residence halls or at West Campus Apartments. Your story could have a lasting impact on prospective students thinking about attending SUNY Cortland.

Living in a Residence Hall

How did you feel when you first moved in? What is your favorite part about living in a residence hall? Has the staff had a positive impact on you? What do you wish you knew coming in? What will help prospective students who are looking at SUNY Cortland? We want to know. Tell us.  Email the completed Your Stories Form (PDF) to

Residents in Lounge


How was your tripling experience? Were you intimidated by it before you started? What was positive about it? What would you tell new students who are uneasy? What do you want to share with others about living in a triple? Submit the completed Your Stories-Tripling Form and your story may be used on the residence life and housing Web page and in publications.

Sexual Health and Assault Prevention Educators (SHAPE)

Sexual assault and rape occurs on college campuses. It is perpetrated by college students. There are many misconceptions about these crimes, and education and awareness are the keys to risk reduction.

SHAPE is a program dedicated to developing students to serve as  peer resource and referral assistants, educators, and advocates for all students for healthy relationships and sexual assault risk reduction.

S: Speaking Out

H: Helping

A: Advocating

P: Providing Resources

E: Empowering

Would you like to become a SHAPE member?

Contact Cindy Lake or Dr. Jena Curtis

Spring 2016 Training

  • Fri., Feb. 5, 3 - 9 p.m. in the Jacobus Lounge


Your Community

As a staff, we believe a residence hall is more than a place for a break from classes. It is a vibrant and active community, the center for student life. We encourage you to develop an awareness of the many opportunities that this presents daily, and challenge you to utilize this setting to increase your leadership abilities.

We feel that it is very important to ensure that the rights of each individual are respected. It is important that your actions contribute to the development of a strong, balanced community within the residence hall.

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