Housing Preference Form Instructions

General Instructions

Please follow these instructions very carefully. You, the student — not a parent — should complete the form since you will have to live with the choices made.

Your housing assignment will be based on the date of receipt of the admissions deposit and the date of the submission of the online Housing Preference Form. The Housing Preference Form submission deadline is May 31.

Specific Instructions

New students will use myRedDragon to complete the online Housing Preference Form. You will not be housed until you submit the Housing Preference Form.

If you have not accessed your myRedDragon account:

  1. Go to the SUNY Cortland home page (cortland.edu).
  2. Select the “Undergraduate Admissions” link in the upper left portion of the page.
  3. Select the “Accepted Students” link on the right side of the page.
  4. Select the “Online Access” button. You will need your campus identification number (C#) to start the process.
  5. Follow the online instructions to set up your myRedDragon account.

Access your myRedDragon account:

  1. Select the myRedDragon link at the top of the SUNY Cortland homepage.
  2. Select the “Student” tab.
  3. Select “Main Menu”.
  4. Go to “Residence Life and Housing”.
  5. Go to “Housing Forms for NEW Students”.
  6. Select “Housing Preference Form for NEW Students”.
  7. Answer all questions.
  8. Once complete and before you “submit” the Housing Preference Form, print a copy for your records.

Housing Preference Form Section Explanations

  • Roommate requests— Students without a roommate request will be assigned a roommate based on their responses to the questions on the Housing Preference Form. If you have a roommate request, type your requested roommate's Housing ID number in the roommate request box.
  • To find your Housing ID to share with your requested roommate, follow the “Obtain Your Housing ID for Roommate Requests” link from the “Housing Forms for New Students” option on the Residence Life and Housing Main Menu.
  • In order for the assignment to take place, this request must be mutual, and your name and Housing ID number must also appear on your requested roommates Web form. Both the date of receipt of your deposit and your requested roommate’s date of receipt of deposit are averaged and the room assignment is based on that new date. Roommate requests are not guaranteed and are based on the availability of empty rooms.
  • Student Status — Your student status is based on the number of accepted credit hours you are entering college with.
  • Smoking Information — Fill in “yes” if you are a smoker. SUNY Cortland is a Tobacco-free campus.
  • Residence Hall Special Interest Housing Options — If you prefer a regular hall with no special preferences, please select the “No Special Preference” box. If you are interested in choosing a special interest preference, using the choices listed select one box for each of your top four choices. If you have selected any of the special interest housing options, you must read and accept the corresponding agreement or your online Housing Preference Form will not be accepted. Please note that you can be assigned to any of the special interest preferences you select.
  • Housing Questions — Answer each of the remaining questions. If you answer “yes” to the “Housing Accommodations-People with Disabilities” section, please note the following: Students who have a medical situation that requires housing accommodations or a specific type of room must provide medical documentation to one of the following offices: Counseling Center, Student Disability Services or Student Health Service. They will need to speak with you regarding your housing needs, and you will need to sign a release of information form. That office will then send a written recommendation to residence life and housing.
  • Email — Enter the email address where you would like to receive confirmation that your online Housing Preference Form has been received.
  • License Agreement — you must electronically sign and date the online form in order for you to be housed. Your electronic signature indicates that you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Room and Board License or the West Campus License. Housing assignments will be available on myRedDragon beginning Aug. 1.

Contact Us

Residence Life and Housing
Van Hoesen Hall, Room B-33

Phone: 607-753-4724
Fax: 607-753-5984

Hours: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.