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Res Life Staff Office

Central Office Staff

Ralph Carrqsquillo
Ralph Carrasquillo, Director of Residence Life and Housing 

Jim Hendrick
James Hendrick, Associate Director for Outside Programs and Personnel


Cindy Lake
Cynthia Lake, Associate Director for Programming and Staff Development

Jean Brown
Jean Brown, Associate Director for Housing and Operations


Katie Ingraham
Katie Ingraham, Assistant Director for Operations

Sarah Unruh
Sarah Unruh, Assistant Director for Marketing, Retention, and Occupancy Management


Residence Hall Directors (RHD)

Individual photos of RHDs are available on the residence hall pages.

Alger Hall

Will Ahern

Bishop Hall

Shedia Christopher

Casey Tower

Melissa DaCosta

Cheney Hall

Jenna Siddon

Clark Hall

Adrienne Victor

Dragon Hall

Amber Ingalls

DeGroat Hall

Lauren Herman

Fitzgerald Hall

William Hernandez

Glass Tower Hall

Rachael Forester

Hayes Hall

Courtney Andros

Hendrick Hall

Pat Woodward

Higgins Hall

Laura Luettger

Randall Hall

Ashley Ware

Shea Hall

Julie-Jo Stanton

Smith Tower

Amber Wade

Whitaker Hall

Jonah Reardon

West Campus Apartments

Ashley Morrell

Office Support Staff

Debbie Lewis
Debbie Lewis, Secretary I, Office Manager

Julie Taibi
Julie, Taibi, Keyboard Specialist II, Receptionist

Sue Pettitt
Sue Pettitt, Keyboard Specialst I


Chelsea Bledsoe
Chelsea Bledsoe, Keyboard Specialist I

Barb Toomey
Barb Toomey, Clerk II