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Sending Mail and Packages

Mail and packages sent to students living on campus via the United States Postal Service are delivered to the individual residence hall unless a signature is required. In that case, they are delivered to the Corey Union Information Desk located in the Corey Union lobby.

Workers at the Information Desk are responsible for signing in the packages and contacting the students to arrange for pick up. It is important that students list a phone number where they can be contacted through myRedDragon.

Every effort is made to get the word out to students receiving packages, including mail slips delivered to their mailboxes through the administrative assistants in the residence halls.

Please help us keep this system working for the benefit of the students by being aware of this procedure and reminding your students of it when sending any packages through the United States Postal Service.

Information on how to properly address mail through the U.S. Postal Service as well as procedures for UPS, FedEx and Airborne/DHL deliveries on campus can be found in the section below.

Addressing Regular First-Class Mail and Packages

For all halls except the Leadership House and West Campus Apartments (see below for those two), regular first-class mail and packages will go directly to the residence halls if it is addressed as follows:

Student Name
(Room #) ________ (Residence Hall)
Cortland, NY 13045

For example:

Jane Smith
113 Alger Hall
Cortland, NY 13045

Please refrain from putting SUNY Cortland, P.O. Box 2000 or the four-digit zip code extension "0900" on the envelope or package or that mail will go to the Residence Life and Housing Office rather than directly to your student's residence hall.

Post Office Mail/Packages with Special Handling (Priority, Two-Day delivery, etc.)

Mail of this type should be addressed like regular mail as indicated above; however, if it requires a signature, it will be delivered to the Corey Union Information Desk. Staff will then email the student. If the package is not picked up within a reasonable period of time, a package slip will be sent to their residence hall mailbox.


UPS delivers directly to the residence halls, unless a signature is required. Again, you can address UPS mail as indicated above; however, sometimes UPS will require a street address. For all halls, except Cheney, DeGroat and Whitaker, you can add Neubig Road to the address. For Cheney and DeGroat, you can put Graham Avenue, for Whitaker use Pashley Drive.

If a signature is required, UPS will attempt three (3) times to deliver the package, leaving a note in the staff office each time. If, after the third try, no one is in the staff office to sign for the package, the driver will bring it to the Residence Life and Housing Office. The student will then get a package slip in their hall mailbox.

FedEx and Airborne/DHL

Because they require a signature, these services bring all packages to the Residence Life and Housing Office where package slips are put into the hall mailboxes. The administrative assistants then take the slips to the halls and put them in the students' mailboxes.

It will be helpful for your student to know how a package is being shipped. Students should feel free any time to call or stop by the following offices to check to see if they have a package if they find that it's not in their hall staff office:

Residence Life and Housing Office, Van Hoesen Hall, Room B-33 or 607-753-4723

Corey Union Information Desk, Main lobby of Corey Union or 607-753-2700

West Campus Apartments

All mail, sent by any method, will go directly to the West Campus Apartments if it is addressed as follows:

Student's Name
(Building #) ______ West Campus Circle, Apt. # _______
Cortland, NY 13045-3571

Leadership House

All mail, sent by any method, will go directly to the Leadership House if it is addressed as follows:

Student's Name
Leadership House, Room #_____
94 Prospect Ave.
Cortland, NY 13045