Weekend and Break Bus Transportation

SGA has contracted with Megabus/Coach USA to provide weekend transportation to New York City, returning to campus on Sunday. Tickets can be purchased ONLINE ONLY, at megabus.com. The bus leaves Corey Union on Fridays at 2:45 pm; the return trip departs from Port Authority at 12:30 pm on Sundays. Please see their website for further information.  Please note that the bus schedule for Fall Break, Thanksgiving break, and Spring Break may differ from the regular weekend bus schedule. 

In addition, Trailways and Greyhound provide transportation from Cortland to a variety of locations. SGA is not affiliated with either company. Tickets must be purchased directly from the bus company Greyhound or Trailways.  Departures leave from the bus stop in front of the Cortland County Office Building, at 60 Central Avenue in Cortland.