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SUNY Cortland adds free online mental health service

There’s a new support option for SUNY Cortland students working through mental health challenges and looking to talk with a licensed provider without a long wait.

Students can utilize a free online teletherapy service as part of the university’s new partnership with Uwill, a leading mental health and wellness provider that specializes in working with college students. SUNY Cortland’s Counseling Center will continue to provide free, in-person clinical services, with Uwill adding immediate access to teletherapy scheduling for students.

New York State Gov. Kathy Hochul recently announced a $10 million investment to expand mental health initiatives on SUNY campuses, including increased telehealth services, and SUNY Cortland’s new offering is supported by that funding.

“Uwill can provide support for the student who wakes up one morning feeling anxious and wants to speak with someone soon,” said Roueida Ghadban, the director of Conley Counseling and Wellness Services. “Maybe they’re worried about a recent class assignment or an exam, or they need to talk to someone about something difficult they’re going through.

“This service isn’t meant to replace the clinical services offered by our staff in the Counseling Center, but it can help them work through whatever that acute stressor might be in the moment.”

Uwill provides access to 30-minute teletherapy sessions with New York state-licensed providers on the computer or by phone. It also offers 15-minute text message exchanges. All students will have access to an initial allotment of teletherapy sessions, and they can visit the Counseling Center for additional sessions through the free service.

How to schedule time with a therapist through Uwill

  • Students must visit to create a profile with their email address.

  • Choose a therapist based on their preferences, which may include availability, gender, language and ethnicity.

  • Choose a time that fits their schedule, including days, nights and weekends.

Cortland students also gain free access to on-demand wellness programming through Uwill’s website, including yoga, guided meditation, mindfulness exercises and more. The university’s Counseling Center, located in Van Hoesen Hall, Room B-44, will continue to offer an array of resources that can be accessed outside of the office’s regular 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekday hours.

Those resources include:

  • Protocall: The Counseling Center’s crisis phone line is available 24 hours every day. Students can call the Counseling Center at 607-753-4728, wait until the call forwards to voicemail, then press “2,” and their calls will be forwarded to a mental health professional.

  • Crisis Text Line: Students can text Got5U to 741741 and reach a trained volunteer crisis counselor.

  • Togetherall: This free and anonymous online peer support community is available 24/7 to all students looking for mental health support and a sense of connection. Students can learn more about Togetherall online.

For more information about Uwill, read more online or contact the Counseling Center at 607-753-4728.