Funding Opportunities

For additional sponsors, the following Funding Search Engine can provide further funding opportunities.

Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN)

SUNY Cortland subscribes to InfoEd’s Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN).

SPIN provides a complete listing of federal, nonfederal, and private sources of funding which can be obtained by accessing the SPIN webpage. SPIN data is updated daily.

How to Conduct a SPIN Search via the Internet

  1. To access InfoEd SPIN:
  2. From your browser, go to this link
  3. Click “SPIN" at the top of the page
  4. Click “Sign in" at top right of the page after SUNY College at Cortland
  5. Create a new profile
  6. Sign in using login ID and Password
  7. Input search terms
  8. Click on Search Mode bubble (at top right) to switch between "Basic" and "Advanced" mode.
  9. Click on Training Videos at top right for further information.

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