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Awards List

The following list, in alphabetical order by the last name of the principal investigator, includes all current awards at SUNY Cortland. Each section shows the investigator name(s), project title, project performance period, sponsor name, allocated funding approved for the project, and estimated project amount over the life of the award.

School of Arts and Sciences
Principal Investigator Department Sponsor Name Award Name Start Date    End Date Annual Award Total Project Award
Banerjee, Dr. Santanu Biology National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Specification of Excitatory Fates in the Spinal Cord Aug 2018 Jul 2022 137,000 137,000
Curtis, Dr. Theresa Biology Jan Biotech Incorporated STTR: Phase II Hybrid Nano Bio Electronic Odor Detector Dec 2019 Nov 2021 150,000 300,000
Davalos Vallejo, Maria Andrea Biology NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Co-Invading Jumping Worms: Assessing Their Threat to NYS Apr 2019 Mar 2022 94,811 94,811
Davalos Vallejo, Maria Andrea Biology 550 Environmental and Forest Biology Biological Control of Invasive Pale and Black Swallow-Worts in NYS-Field Evaluation of Hypena Opulenta Nov 2018 Sep 2022 96,532 96,532
Davalos Vallejo, Maria Andrea Biology Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Understanding the Single and Combined Efforts of Co-occuring Stressors: White Tailed Deer, Invasive Earthworms and Invasive Plants Apr 2021 Mar 2022 14,929 14,929
Davis, Dr. Amanda Biology National Science Foundation Revisiting the Homerhetic mechanisms of lactation: The Role of Ceramide Jan 2022 Dec 2025       200,806
Edlund, Eric Physics Massachusetts Institute of Technology Phase Contrast Imaging of Wendelstein 7-X Aug 2019 Aug 2021 175,558     175,558
Hicks, Katherine Chemistry National Science Foundation RUI: Collaborative Research: Enzymology of Bacterial Nicotinic Acid Catabolism Jul 2018 Jun 2022 90,307 290,796
Hicks, Katherine Chemistry National Science Foundation REU Site: Molecular Interactions Virtual REU Mar 2021 Feb 2022 12,663 12,663
Kronenbitter, Jennifer Library
NYS Education Department
Coordinated Collection Aid 2021-2022 Jul 2021 Jun 2022 10,624 10,624
Phelan, Dr. Gregory Chemistry American Museum of Natural History Investigating Effective STEM Teaching through a Culturally Responsive Lens Jul 2020 Jun 2025 39,799  39,799
Sheets, Dr. Kevin B History National Endowment for the Humanities Common Ground: Americans and Their Land During the Gilded Age Oct 2020 Sep 2022 183,451  183,451
Steadman, Dr. Sharon R Sociology/ Anthropology US Department of State Foster Turkish and US Ties Sep 2020 Dec 2022 26,167  26,167
School of Education
Project Principal Investigator Department Sponsor Name Award Name Start Date End Date Annual Award  Budget
Alqahtani, Muteb Childhood/Early Childhood Education Rutgers Multiplicative and Proportional Reasoning about Fractions from a Measuring Perspective: Teacher Professional
Learning and Leadership to Improve Elementary Student Outcomes
Sept2021 Sept2023 47,939
Burns Thomas, Dr. Anne  Foundations and Social Advocacy NYSED Teacher Opportunity Corps2021-2026 Sep 2021 Aug 2022 186,122 947,650
Fantacone, Dr. Dominick A School of Education US Navy Office of Naval Research Engaging the Next Generation STEM Naval Workforce: Using Communities of Practice to Build Teacher Capacity Aug 2018 Aug 2022 189,857 610,209
Lachance, Dr. Andrea M Liberty Partnerships Program NYS Education Department Liberty Partnership Program 2017-2022 Sep 2021 Aug 2022 450,000 2,250,000
Lachance, Dr. Andrea M Migrant Education Tutorial Services NYS Education Department Migrant Education and Tutorial Support Services 2018-2023 Sep 2021 Aug 2022 721,603 3,311,360
Lachance, Dr. Andrea M  Migrant Education Eastern Suffolk BOCES Esperzana-McKinney-Vento Consortium Jul 2021 Apr 2022 1,000       1,000
School of Professional Studies
Project Principal Investigator Department Sponsor Name Award Short Name Start Date End Date Annual Award  Budget

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