Residence Hall Recycling

SUNY Cortland Residence Halls utilize single-stream recycling. Recyclable items do not need to be separated, but can all be placed in the same recycling bin. Every student room is equipped with a green recycling bin and students can empty this bin into the larger recycling containers located in the trash rooms on each floor of their residence hall.

Items that can be recycled

  • Paper: newspapers, catalogs, magazines, softcover books
  • Glass: glass bottles, jars of all colors
  • Plastic: plastic bottles, jugs labeled for recycling from 1 - 7, juice bottles, water bottles, bleach bottles, detergent bottles, shampoo bottles
  • Aluminum: empty aluminum cans and containers, pie plates and trays, aluminum foil, metal cans with tin or steel lids, empty aerosol cans

Items should be rinsed out thoroughly.

For more information, please see our recycling flyer