Payroll Issues

Attendance and Leave Issues

Information about attendance and leave issues may be found on the Human Resources webpage.

Direct Deposit

The College provides employees with the option of arranging for the direct deposit of paychecks. A direct deposit form or more information may be obtained by contacting the Payroll Office at ext. 2405.

Pay Days

Salary is paid by State check on a lag basis every other Wednesday. Dates for service rendered appear on your paycheck stub.  If any questions arise, please call the Payroll Office at ext. 2405.

Paychecks will be distributed from the Payroll Office on paydays as soon as the checks have been counted, sorted, and recorded in accordance with New York State Department of Audit and Control Procedures. Distribution of paychecks varies from department to department on campus. Employees should check with their supervisors regarding the proper procedures for receiving their paychecks.

Paycheck Deductions

There are a variety of deductions which may be withheld from paychecks. Some deductions are mandatory, such as State and Federal income taxes, Social Security taxes and Medicare, agency shop fees, and applicable Retirement System contributions Other deductions are voluntary; such as insurance premiums, savings bonds, credit union, deferred compensation, tax deferred annuities, or dependent care advantage account deductions. Paychecks are also subject to garnishments or liens made according to court order or law.

Each paycheck is accompanied by a paycheck stub which shows the amount of biweekly salary and describes deductions. Periodic, if not biweekly, monitoring of check stubs is important to ensure that proper deductions are being made.

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Payroll Office

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