Resources for SI Leaders

SI Leader Training Guide (.docx)independent-study introduction to Supplemental Instruction.  ALL training activities require your familiarity with this material! Read and work through the exercises before training so that you are ready to actively participate.

Learning Theory Basics (.pdf): guide to collaborative sessions with highly involved students.  Here, you'll find all you need to know about Bloom's Taxonomy and the magic of questions, cognitive load and the mystery of why students tune out, learning styles and VARK learning preferences, and wait time vs. think time.

How to Take AttendanceDirections on how to take attendance using Excel spreadsheets. 

SI Strategy Cards (.pdf)list of activities for SI sessions. This is a list of activities SI leaders can use to plan their sessions. They include the type of activity (opener, closer, or main activity) as well as which levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy the activity activates. SI leaders will be given a hard copy of these cards during training. If lost, TLC can provide a new copy.

Online Resources for SI: this website lists several online activities for SI leaders. Scroll down past the whiteboard tools to find a list of online activities such as Kahoot!, Quizlet, and Factile. 

Activities Adjusted for Online (.pptx)this is a list of eleven SI activities modified for online use. 

Session Planning Form (.docx). A form for planning SI sessions.