Latest Research

Basil Bernstein: Code Theory and Beyond
Brian Barrett, Ph.D. (2024). Springer.

DisCrit Mothering as analytical tool
Chelsea Stinson (2024). International Journal of Qualitative Studies of Education, ahead-of-print.

Conceptualizing a radical visible pedagogy
Brian Barrett & Graham McPhail. (2023). Journal of Education, 203(3), 726-735.

Don't Forget About Me! Access, equity, and inclusion for creative writing instruction
Megan Cartier, Sarah Snyder, Katie Ducett. Multimodal and Digital Creative Writing Pedagogies.

Building a Life: Examining the advocacy and social experiences of students with intellectual disability in inclusive postsecondary education
Katie Ducett and Beth Myers. International Review of Research in Developmental Disabilities, 64, 307-356.

Hi, I'm Jake Miller!
Jake Miller and Katie Ducett. Creating Our Own Lives: College Students with Intellectual Disability.

Sanctuary as Praxis: Engaging Families at the Crossroads of Disability, Education, and Migration
Chelsea Stinson. Equity & Excellence in Education.

Far Apart, Close in Heart: Exploring Representations of Familial Incarceration in Children's Picture books
Rhiannon Maton, Ph.D., Breeanna Dexter, Nicolette McKeon, Emily Urias-Velasquez, Breanna Washington

Grappling with the tensions: Cultivating justice-oriented praxis through collaborative autoethnographic poetry
Amanda Miller, Chelsea Stinson, & Maria Timberlake. Understanding the Boundaries between Disability Studies and Special Education through Consilience, Self-Study, and Radical Love.

‘Who is worthy of rights?’ An analysis of children living at the intersections of disability, citizenship and migration in the United States and Italy

Valentina Migliarini & Chelsea Stinson. Routledge International Handbook on Children’s Rights and Disability.

 ‘Race had never been an issue’: Examining white supremacy in English language teaching

Chelsea Stinson and Valentina Migliarini. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 44(2).

‘It’s my responsibility’: perspectives on environmental justice and education for sustainability among international school students in Singapore

Jeremy Jimenez, Laura Moorhead and Tova Wilensky

Building Union and Community Power During COVID-19

Rhiannon Maton, Ph.D. interviews Jennifer Johnson, the Chicago Teachers Union chief of staff

Challenging the “Good Enough” in Teacher Diversity Efforts

Anne Burns Thomas, Ph.D., from the Leading Equity podcast

Picture Books About Incarceration

Rhiannon Maton, Ph.D., Emily Urias-Velasquez, Breeanna Dexter, Nicolette McKeon, Breanna Washington

Analyzing policy for what is said (and not said) about disability

Maria Timberlake
Research in Educational Policy and Management, 2(1), 84-100.