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EDL Course Matrix

Hybrid (H): 5 classes on campus and 5 online for 10 weeks
Traditional (T): One class per week on campus
Intensive (I): 1 week of class meetings 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. each day for 5 days

Except for intensive one week classes, all EDL classes are in the evening and run from 5 – 8:45 p.m.

CourseFallSpringSummer 1Summer 2
EDL 613:
Utica (H)
Cortland (H)
EDU 615: Law Cortland (T)
Utica (T)
EDL 616:
  Cortland (H)   Cortland (I)
EDL 657:
Organizational Leadership
Cortland (H) Utica (H)    
EDL 678:
  Cortland (H) Utica (H)  
EDL 680:
Principal Leadership
Utica (H)   Cortland (H)  
EDL 683:
Special Programs
Cortland (H) Utica (H)    
EDL 690:
District Leadership
  Cortland (I)   Cortland (I)
EDL 696:
On-site On­-site On-­site
EDL 699:
Culminating Seminar
Cortland (H)
Utica (H)    
School District Business Leader Courses
EDL 618: Field Studies     Cortland (H)
Additional work in P-12 schools
EDL 656:
School Finance
      Cortland (T)
EDL 685:
    Cortland (H)  
EDL 698:
Business Internship
On-­site On-­site On-site

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