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Brian Barrett

Brian Barrett is Professor and Chair in SUNY Cortland's Foundations and Social Advocacy Department. He also serves as the Graduate Research Coordinator with Cortland's Urban Recruitment of Educators (C.U.R.E.) program. He has received SUNY Cortland's Excellence in Teaching (2011) and Outstanding Achievement in Research (2018) awards. He is the editor (with Elizabeth Rata) of Knowledge and the Future of the Curriculum: International Studies in Social Realism (Palgrave Macmillan 2014) and (with Ursula Hoadley and John Morgan) of Knowledge, Curriculum and Equity: Social Realist Perspectives (Routledge, 2017). Prior to arriving at Cortland, he completed his Ph.D. in the sociology of education at the University of Cambridge and was a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the University of Notre Dame's Center for Research on Educational Opportunity. His work on the sociology of knowledge and education has been published in journals including Teaching and Teacher Education, the British Journal of Sociology of EducationUrban Education, and Educational Studies.


Ph.D. Sociology of Education, University of Cambridge, 2006
M.Phil. Politics, Democracy and Education, University of Cambridge, 2002
B.S. English Education (Summa cum Laude), Boston University, 2000
B.A. Political Science (Magna cum Laude), Boston University, 2000


  • FSA 101: Introduction to Urban Education
  • FSA 103: Gender, Race and Class Issues in Education
  • FSA 400: Foundations in Education: The School in American Society
  • EDU 471: Foundations of Modern Education
  • FSA/SOC 505: Sociology of Education
  • EDU 671: Issues in Foundations of Education 



Barrett, B., Hoadley, U. & Morgan, J. (Eds.). 2017. Knowledge, Curriculum and Equity: Social Realist Perspectives. London: Routledge

Barrett, B. & Rata, E. (Eds.). 2014. Knowledge and the Future of the Curriculum: International Studies in Social Realism. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Book chapters

Barrett, B. & Moore, R. 2015. Changing from Within: Basil Bernstein, Teacher Education, and Social Justice. In P. Vitale & B. Exley (Eds.). Pedagogic Rights and Democratic Education: Bernsteinian Explorations of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment, pp. 47-58. New York: Routledge.


Barrett, B. 2017. Bernstein in the Urban Classroom: A Case Study. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 38 (8): 1258-1272

Timberlake, M., Burns Thomas, A. & Barrett, B. 2017. The Allure of Simplicity: Scripted Curricula and Equity. Teaching and Teacher Education, 67: 46-52

Barrett, B. & Bound, A. 2015. A Critical Discourse Analysis of "No Promo Homo" Policies in U.S. Schools. Educational Studies, 51 (4): 267-283

Barrett, B. & Martina, C. 2012. Towards a Non-Deterministic Reading of Pierre Bourdieu: Habitus and Educational Change in Urban Schools. Policy Futures in Education, 10 (3): 249-262

Barrett, B. 2012. Is Interdisciplinarity Old News? A Disciplined Consideration of Interdisciplinarity. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 33 (1): 97-114

Barrett, B. 2010. Faith in the Inner City: The Urban Black Church and Students’ Educational Outcomes. The Journal of Negro Education, 79 (3): 249-262

Barrett, B. 2010. Religion and Habitus: Exploring the Relationship between Religious Involvement and Educational Outcomes and Orientations among Urban African American Students. Urban Education, 45 (4): 448-479

Barrett, B. 2009. No Child Left Behind and the Assault on Teachers’ Professional Practices and Identities. Teaching and Teacher Education, 25 (8): 1018-1025.


  • Cultural and Intellectual Climate Committee
  • Faculty Development Committee
  • Australia Student Teacher Selection Committee
  • Honors Program Advisory Council
  • Academic Standing Committee
  • Title IX Self-Study Committee
  • Habitat for Humanity Faculty/Staff Advisor
  • Women’s Ice Hockey Club Faculty/Staff Advisor