Faculty/Staff Detail

Nimisha Muttiah

Nimisha Muttiah joined SUNY Cortland in Fall 2022. Dr. Muttiah has many years of experience as a speech-language pathologist. She has previously worked at the University of Kelaniya (Sri Lanka) as a Senior Lecturer. She is an active researcher who has published in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at both national and international conferences.



  • Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University
  • MSc. Bowling Green State University
  • BSc. Bangalore University (India)


  • SHH 229 Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • SHH 370 Disorders of Articulation and Language
  • SHH 677 Advanced Diagnostics
  • SHH 668 Language Disorders – Birth to 5
  • SHH 669 Language Disorders – School-age
  • SHH 675 Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Clinical Interests

  • Children with complex communication needs
  • Individuals on the autism spectrum


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