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Add an Authorized Payer

Download the How to Add an Authorized Payer guide (PDF)

1. Sign in to your (the student’s) myRedDragon account. For assistance with signing in, select one of the help links.Sign in to your account pic

2. Select the Student tab.

myRedDragon Student tab

3. From the Student Accounts channel, select “My Online Account or “Set up 3rd Party payment Authorization.” 

my account

4. Select “Access QuikPay.”

Select Quick access screenshot

5. Select “Authorize Payers.” 

Select Authorized Payers link screenshot

6. Select "Add New"

Add new

7. Provide required data and select “Add.” 

Complete all payer information screenshot

8.  You will receive a confirmation that the authorized payer has been successfully added.

Success page screenshot

9. The authorized payer will receive an email from

authorized payer will receive an email pic

10. You will need to provide the authorized payer with the temporary password you created in step 6.