Confirm Your Attendance When You Have a Credit Balance

Download the Accept Your Charges Guide (PDF)

1. Sign in to your (the student’s) myRedDragon account. 

Screenshot of myRedDragon login

Select the Student tab.

Screenshot of myRedDragon Student tab

3. Select “My Online Account

Screenshot of myRedDragon "My Online Account" link

4. Select the relevant term from the list(s):

Select the relevant term pic

5. Review your account summary and select “Accept/Pay or Decline.” As changes are made to your account throughout the semester they will appear here in real time.

Review your account summary pic

6. Review the verbiage, click “Accept,” then click “Continue.”

Screenshot of myRedDragon Accept Changes

7. The online payment process will recognize you do not currently have a balance due and will not require payment. Your schedule for the semester has now been saved.