How to Apply for Scholarships

Apply for Endowed Scholarships

Accepted students may apply online for select scholarships that are based on academic performance, financial need or other criteria determined by donors. Acceptance to SUNY Cortland is required.

SUNY Cortland uses an online system for students to apply for scholarships. You will need to have your Cortland ID number and access to myRedDragon in order to apply. Students begin the application process by signing into their myRedDragon account using the link provided in the instructions below.

Application Process Instructions

  • Go to SUNY Cortland Scholarship Opportunities
  • Select “Sign In” (upper right corner of page)
  • Select “Sign in to myRedDragon.” This will take you to your myRedDragon page.
  • Enter your username and password, the system will take you directly to the general application.
    • Students are required to complete the general application prior to being considered for a scholarship.
    • It will ask students for detailed listing of both on and off campus extracurricular activities, a narrative statement, and other pertinent personal information.
  • Complete all questions on the General Application and select “Finish” and “Continue.” The system will upload your additional information into the Student Record (GPA, major, etc.).
    • Once completed the system will show you a list of recommended opportunities based on your specific information (major, GPA, financial need, etc.). 
    • It is necessary to read the scholarship descriptions before you apply.
      • Many scholarships have additional criteria that are not listed in your application profile such as community service or affiliation with a certain group or organization.
      • You will need to read through the recommended scholarship opportunities as they may require you to answer additional questions or include additional supporting materials such as letter of recommendation or a resume.
      • If you do not meet the requirement, then you should not apply.
    • Please realize that you may go back to your application to update it as many times as you need to, prior to the deadline date

Scholarships Search Tips

Browse the scholarships individually or use search bar and “Show Filters” button at the top of the page.

Commonly used search criteria:

  • Class Year (freshman, sophomore, graduate, etc.)
    • Continuing student scholarships are for returning sophomores, juniors and seniors. When applying for scholarships students should be applying for the class year they will be for the terms the scholarships will be awarded. For example, if you are currently a sophomore level student with 46 credit hours you should be applying for junior level scholarships because you will be considered a junior at time of the award payment.
  • Major (education, math, etc.)
  • Scholarship name (For example: for the John L. Sciera ’52 Scholarship, search Sciera).

Reference Letters

One reason to apply for scholarships early is because some applications require reference letters. You should give a reference provider plenty of time to write a letter on your behalf. Contact your chosen reference provider so they know to be expecting a special email.

An application that requires reference letters will have a section where you fill in your reference provider’s name and email address. It is important to make sure the email address provided is accurate, or your reference will be unable to submit a letter on your behalf.

Your reference provider will be notified via email and given a special link to the scholarship system to upload a letter on your behalf.

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