External Scholarships

Current SUNY Cortland students and high school students thinking about attending college have a variety of resources to explore in search of outside scholarships (i.e. non- SUNY Cortland funded) to assist them in making college more affordable.

In general, all students should start the scholarship search on a state and local level first before searching nationally.  Your best chance of earning an outside scholarship will be through those resources closest to you.  Start with your employer(s) and your parent's employer(s) for tuition benefits and scholarships.  Check any local community foundations, clubs, memberships, unions, churches, and organizations to which you and your parents belong. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid

All scholarships received must be counted toward the student financial aid offer. Students are required to notify the SUNY Cortland Student Accounts Office of any scholarships they have received. Be aware that scholarships and/or awards may impact your previously awarded financial aid and awards may be adjusted. 

Scholarship Search Engines

There are a variety of websites that provide a search tool to help you find scholarship opportunities. Many offer free online searches so beware of any websites that require payment to find scholarships for you, most of them are scams. For more information on scholarship scams, visit the Federal Trade Commission's Scholarship Scam page

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