Student Reflections

 LPP has been a major contributor in my growth since entering high school. Since joining LPP in the 7th grade I have learned how to open up and be more comfortable with my surroundings. I was always a quiet and shy girl who was always afraid to ask questions and be open to new adventures. LPP has given me the opportunity to explore different career options as well as different colleges and what they could offer for me. LPP has also given me access to college tutors who have been extremely helpful and have helped me maintain good grades.
-Julia B., McGraw High School

I have been enrolled in LPP since the 7th grade.  I rely on this program for academic support.  I have been given opportunities to participate in field trips like Raquette Lake, Corning Museum of Glass, Erie Canal, and many others.  One of the Highlights of participating in LPP has been the many friendships I have developed.  I have had the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Committee at SUNY Cortland with other schools.  I have truly enjoyed participating in this program.     
-Brooke C., Tully High School

 I feel very lucky to be a part of LPP.  It has really helped with my confidence and opening up to new people and making friends. I’m happy to be a part of the experience and making memories.
-Haley I., Cincinnatus High School

LPP has meant so much for me. I got to go to Racquette Lake where I met one of my closest friends. LPP has given me also one of my favorite school staff members, Mr.Goot. He has always been there to help me through stuff and with school work. He has been such an inspiration for many of the students. I also participate in Leadership Council, which has given me the opportunity to meet other students and better my leadership skills. LPP is one of the highlights of my high school experience and I’m happy to be able to be a part of this program.
-Kiersten B., Groton High School