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The Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) was established in 1988 under section 612, Subdivision 6 of the Education Law to address the significant school drop-out rate among New York's youth. The LPP is included in the New York State Education Department's Statewide Plan for Higher Education as part of its strategy to maximize the successful transition of middle and high school students who are at risk of dropping out of school into graduates, fully prepared for the rigors of higher education and the competitive demands of a fluid workplace in a global economy. Programs are provided to help youth complete high school and seek post-secondary education or meaningful employment. Through a partnership with area schools, higher education institutions, and community-based agencies, the program utilizes a holistic approach to services. There are 46 Liberty Partnerships Programs operating statewide.

SUNY Cortland has served as the host institution for the local Liberty Partnerships Program since 1989 and administers the contract through the Research Foundation. The LPP based at SUNY Cortland is comprised of three colleges, a university, eight school districts, numerous community-based organizations and businesses, who work collaboratively to identify and engage existing resources for identified students. Specifically, programs designed for students in grades 6-12 provide variations of the following components: academic support services, mentoring services, counseling services, enrichment activities, parent engagement activities, workforce preparation, service-learning, and summer programs. Each program within the SUNY Cortland consortium operates independently and includes one or more components of the holistic plan.

SUNY Cortland LPP Components
 SUNY Cortland
Tompkins Cortland Community College

SUNY Cortland LPP School Districts
Cincinnatus Central School District
Cortland Enlarged City School District
Dryden Central School District
Groton Central School District
McGraw Central School District
Tully Central School District