Zombie Graphic Design

The following are images created by graphic design students.  These images provide depictions of the various chapters of this year's common read, A Field Guide to Zombies and Surviving the Apocalypse!. Please submit your interpretations and ideas for existing and new chapters for the Field Guide to Benjamin Wilson.

Avoiding Zombie Media Consumption by Zack Charvolin.

Artist Depiction of Zombie Media Consumption Zombies with Smart Phone in front of The White House

Zombie Origins: Zoinks! Tracing The History of 'Zombie' From Haiti to The CDC by Melissa Sprole.

Artist Depiction of Hatian Zombies and Classic Movies

Zombies in Nature: How the Zombie Fungus Takes Over Ants' Bodies to Control Their Minds by Sarah Zielstorf.

Artist depiction of ants infected by zombie fungus

Zombie Economics: How Dead Ideas Still Walk Among Us by Theresa Foster.

Artist depiction of zombie ideas in economics using broken light bulbs and a zombie attempting to change them.

Avoiding a Zombie Diet by Alex Demeri.

Artist depiction of zombie chef in kitchen

Zombie Education: Are You Teaching Zombie Lessons by Bradley Sovocool

Artist depiction of Zombie Teaching U.S. history on Halloween.

Zombies in Education: Changing Education Paradigms by Colin Casaccio.

Artist depiction of zombies in the classroom.

Zombies in Education: Do Schools Kill Creativity by Ross Cohen.

Artist depiction of zombie ballerinas

Zombies in Sociology: The Universal Adversary by Jasmine Goodwin.

Artitst Depiction of Student Hiding from Zombies Invading the Classroom

Zombies in Public Health: Preparedness 101 by Will Stoughton.

Artist depiction of flashlight shining on medical supplies.

Zombies and the Apocalypse Poetry Collection by Theresa Foster.