Provost's Office

Message from Dr. Ann McClellan, Provost

Ann McClellan

On behalf of the entire Academic Affairs faculty and staff, welcome to SUNY Cortland! We are excited to welcome you into this vibrant intellectual community. As Chief Academic Officer, part of my role, along with the academic deans, department chairs, student success professionals, faculty, and staff, is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with the highest quality educational experience, both within and outside the classroom. At SUNY Cortland, you will be exposed to diverse ideas, experiences, and cultures through our rich academic curriculum, engaging campus programming, and myriad applied and pre-professional learning opportunities like internships and research opportunities. One way we accomplish that goal is by recruiting, retaining, and supporting outstanding and diverse faculty who make positive contributions to the university, their disciplines, and to you—our students.

Provost's Biography

The Division of Academic Affairs

The Division of Academic Affairs at SUNY Cortland endeavors to ensure that not only our students, but also faculty and academic support staff, have a wonderful intellectual and cultural experience.

Mission Statement

To provide competent and engaged leadership and quality service to academic and academic support units.

Goals and Objectives of Academic Affairs

  • To work cooperatively with all academic and academic support units in achievement of College's goals and objectives
  • To articulate, monitor and enforce academic standards and policies
  • To review and recommend to the president all academic and academic support personnel for retention and promotion
  • To serve as a resource for information and assistance for both external and internal constituents
  • To prepare new faculty for their roles as SUNY Cortland members
  • To provide oversight for faculty and staff development

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Office

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