Closing for Breaks and Checkout Process

Spring Break Closing

Residence halls officially close:

6 p.m. on Fri., March 13, 2015. West Campus Apartments remains open, but you must register to stay.

Exceptions can be made if you have a class or transportation problems. Notify your RHD via email no later than noon on Tues., Mar. 10. If you are granted permission you must vacate your room and the residence hall by 9 a.m. on Sat., Mar. 14.

Email your RHD for permission to stay:

Alger Bishop Casey Cheney/Leadership House
Clark DeGroat Dragon Fitzgerald
Glass Tower Hayes Hendrick Higgins
Randall Shea Smith Whitaker
West Campus Apartments
  • International students: if you will reside at SUNY Cortland at any time during the Spring Break, please contact your RHD immediately to discuss your housing options and complete the Break Registration Form.

Checkout procedures

You must follow the closing checklist taped to your room door. Once all items are complete and before you leave, indicate the date and time you left and initial. Leave the checklist taped to your door.  Staff will enter your room after it has been vacated to ensure the checklist items have been completed.

Residence halls re-open

Classes will resume on Mon., Mar. 23. Residence halls will reopen at 2 p.m. on Sun., Mar. 22. Please plan your trip accordingly. 

How To Check Out

Your room will be checked for damages and proper cleaning after it has been vacated by all residents if you did not schedule an assessment with your RHD.

Before Checkout

  • Sign up for a closing assessment appointment with your RHD if you would like to have an idea of possible charges (Spring 2014 charges dates).
  • Sweep and/or vacuum and mop floors.
  • Close and lock windows, leave the blinds down and open.
  • Unplug all floor lamp(s) and mirror unit(s) and leave plugs showing. Turn off all lights.
  • Remove all pictures, signs, decorations, scotch tape, neon stars, etc. from ceiling, walls, doors, closets, windows and furniture, including any sticky residue.
  • Empty and wash recycling containers and take all non-recyclables and trash to the Dumpsters. All recyclables should be disposed of in the appropriate bin on your floor.
  • Return all college dining hall utensils to the dining hall.
  • Do not leave any clothing or belongings in the laundry room, bathroom or lounges.
  • Microfridges should be emptied, cleaned, defrosted and left in your room for pickup.
  • Clean out desks, dresser drawers and closets of all items: wrappers, dust, hangers, etc. Wipe down desks and dresser tops and windowsills. Lock your door behind you when you leave.

At Checkout

  • Go to the staff office OR meet your RHD at their office for your closing assessment appointment.
  • Return your room key and sign out on your Room Condition Report (RCR). Failure to turn in your room key will result in a $75 charge for a lock change. If you do not check out with a staff member at the staff office you will be charged $25 for an improper check out.
  • Mail Forwarding: Fill out a forward address card. We only forward mail if you fill out the forward address card. You should change any magazine address labels immediately in order to avoid mail delivery delay.

After Checkout

  • Closing Assessment Bills: You can log into myRedDragon to see if you have closing assessment charges and to find instructions regarding the online appeals process. Charges must be paid even if you are appealing. We encourage you to check your account even if you do not think you will have charges.
    • Spring 2014 closing assessment charges:
    • View on myRedDragon on June 17
    • Appeal (payment due first) by July 1

If you do not check out according to these procedures you will be charged an improper check-out fee of $25. If you are the only person leaving the room it must be left half empty and ready to be occupied. The closet, desk, dresser and bed must be completely clear and all belongings removed.