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Academic Convocation

A view from the bleachers at Academic Convocation

Each year, SUNY Cortland opens the school year with an Academic Convocation, which takes place in the Park Center Alumni Arena.

In 2014, the event took place on Sunday, Aug. 24, at 4 p.m.

All first-year and new transfer students, along with the SUNY Cortland faculty, librarians and professional staff, are invited to participate in this hour-long event

“Academic Convocation is always a joyous occasion,” said SUNY Cortland President Erik J. Bitterbaum. “The event signals the beginning of one’s academic career at a new institution.

"It is an opportunity for entering students to be officially introduced and welcomed into the campus community, and from that moment on to embrace SUNY Cortland as their alma mater.

Academic Convocation represents many beginnings — of new friendships, new studies and new opportunities for exploration and self discovery.”

The Academic Convocation processional begins with the all-college gonfalonier, who leads in the faculty, followed by the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Professional Studies and Education gonfaloniers.

The first academic convocation to open the academic year in many years was held in 2003.

Information about the 2014 Academic Convocation Ceremony

Speaker:  Dr. Steven Broyles 
Mace Bearer:   Dr. Michelle Kelly-Buxton
Student Speakers:  Senior Michael Doris (President SGA) and Senior Lorena Silva
Student Singers: Senior Katharine Young, SUNY Cortland A Capella
Musician:  Marina Gorelaya

For more information, contact the Special Events Office at 607-753-2377.