Regalia Rental/Purchase

Regalia Rental

  1. Members of the teaching faculty and staff who wish to rent academic regalia should visit the College Store. Remember that only marching or hooding faculty need to wear regalia.
  2. For those who prefer to rent regalia for the Honors Convocation, orders must be received by the College Store by March 27. If you rent regalia for the Honors Convocation, you may keep your rental regalia to wear for the Commencement ceremonies at no additional charge.
  3. For those who prefer to rent regalia for Commencement, the deadline is March 31.
  4. All rental regalia must be returned to The College Store following Commencement, and no later than May 21
  5. The rental fees for the ceremonies are as follows:

    Doctoral Package (Cap, Gown and Tassel)   $28
    Doctoral Hood  $28
    Masters Package (Cap, Gown and Tassel)  $25
    Master’s Hood $25
    Bachelor Package (Cap, Gown and Tassel)  $25
    Cap    $5
    Gown  $24

Regalia Purchase

The College Store and Jostens are pleased to offer to all members of the faculty the opportunity to purchase the Sussex line of premium-quality regalia. Precisely tailored to match each individual’s standing and fit, the comfort and lush appearance of Jostens Sussex regalia are unmatched. The Sussex gown package includes

  • Custom-tailored poly/cotton gown with beautifully detailed hood
  • Black or degree-colored velvet with black or degree-colored piping
  • Custom plain tam with gold silky tassel or mortar board with old gold tassel

Doctoral Regalia - $440.95

Master's Regalia - $310.95

Jostens will have a representative available at the following times and places during the spring semester to assist you with measuring and placing your regalia order. Full payment is required at time of order. Personal checks and credit cards are accepted. Orders require six to eight weeks for delivery. Josten's will be available on campus during the Spring 2015 semester. For more information, please contact the College Store.

If necessary, Jostens will provide complimentary rental regalia while your customized order is in process. 

To arrange for regalia rental or purchase, please visit the College Store or contact them via email at or by phone at 607-753-4621.