Regalia Rental/Purchase - SUNY Cortland

Regalia Rental/Purchase

Regalia Purchase

The College Store and Oak Hall Cap & Gown are pleased to offer to all members of the faculty the opportunity to purchase custom-made regalia.  Some schools have custom regalia designed exclusively for those schools.  All these designs are available.

You can design your own regalia.  Oak Hall offers a wide range of materials and prices. 

Oak Hall also offers lower-priced, custom-made regalia in black polycrepe with black matinee velvet.

Doctoral Regalia - $464.50 (includes gown, hood and 6 corner tam with 2-button gold tassel)

Master's Regalia - $336.50 (includes gown, hood and mortarboard with tassel)

You can purchase individual items (gown, hood, cap or tam) for all the above options. 

An Oak Hall representative will be available on:

Thursday, March 9 from 11 am to 4 pm in the College Store to assist you with measuring and placing your regalia order. Full payment is required at time of order. Personal checks and credit cards are accepted. Orders require four to six weeks for delivery but Oak Hall will provide complimentary rental regalia if your custom order is not available in time.

Please visit the College Store or contact them via email at or by phone at 607-753-4621 for more information.

Regalia Rental

Please order online at You will pay for your rental when you pick it up at the College Store on or after April 18. The deadline to order is March 26.  After March 26, please visit the College Store or contact them via email at or by phone at 607-753-4621.