Teacher Mentors

Teachers and child care center providers who serve as mentors are asked to advise and supervise teacher candidates at their local schools and centers throughout the semester. Teacher mentors are asked to provide daily insights, suggestions and feedback to support teacher candidates’ development. 

Our PDS uses a specific 3-level mentoring structure for our teacher candidates. The objective of the mentoring structure is to develop a continuum of authentic mentoring experiences for teacher candidates.

The three mentoring levels include:

  1. Preliminary Mentoring
  2. Intermediate Mentoring
  3. Advanced Mentoring

Please click here to view our PDS Mentoring Structure which provides descriptors for each level including (a) the presumed readiness of teacher candidates; (b) the overarching goals of each mentorship level; (c) the learning outcomes for teacher candidates; (d) the general characteristics of each mentorship level; and (e) the anticipated quality of mentorship provided.

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