Institutional Compliance

Institutional Compliance

The SUNY Cortland Title IX Office is committed to complying with federal and state law. Below is listed information on our sexual violence prevention survey, Clery Act compliance, and our federally required training.

Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Survey

Consistent with New York State Education Law 129-B and policies of The State University of New York, SUNY Cortland participated in the 2021 University-wide Biennial SUNY Uniform Campus Climate Survey. The Survey gathered information about student and employee experience with sexual and interpersonal violence and knowledge of policies and resources. Population surveys were administered by SUNY System Administration via email to 6,253 students, and 1,211 faculty and staff. 957 students and 494 employees completed the survey, for response rates of 15% and 40.8% respectively.

  • 54.4% of students who identified as women, 3.6% of students who identified as men, and 0% of students who identified as non-binary reported that they were subject to sexual harassment in the prior year.
  • 20.5% of students who identified as women, 0% of students who identified as men, and 0% of students who identified as non-binary reported that they were subject to sexual assault in the prior year.
  • 84% of students indicated familiarity with affirmative consent, 75.4% indicated that they knew where to report, and 67.3% knew how to contact the Title IX Coordinator.

SUNY Cortland, working with SUNY and community colleagues (including students, faculty, and staff), will use these data to improve response to violence, develop prevention programs, and will continue to study the issue. The next SVP Campus Climate Survey will be administered in Spring 2023. More information about the survey is available at

Updated August 1st, 2022

Institutional Crime Reporting

Reports of certain crimes occurring in certain geographic locations will be included in the SUNY Cortland Clery Act Annual Security Reported in an anonymized manner that neither identifies the specifics of the crime or the identity of the reporting individual. For more information, contact the Title IX Coordinator at 607-753-4550.

SUNY Cortland is obligated to issue timely warnings of Clery Act crimes occurring within relevant geography that represent a serious or continuing threat to students and employees (subject to exceptions when potentially compromising law enforcement efforts and when the warning itself could potentially identify the reporting individual). A reporting individual will never be identified in a timely warning.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act allows institutions to share information with parents when (1) there is a health or safety emergency, or (2) when the student is depending on either parents' prior year federal income tax return. Generally, SUNY Cortland will not share information about a report of sexual violence with parents without the permission of the reporting individual.

Learn more about the Clery Act and the Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

Final Rule Training Requirements

Section 106.45(b) of the 2020 Final Title IX Rules require the sharing of “All materials used to train Title IX Coordinators, investigators, decision-makers, and any person who facilitates an informal resolution process. A recipient must make these training materials publicly available on its website, or if the recipient does not maintain a website the recipient must make these materials available upon request for inspection by members of the public.”

SUNY Cortland is proud to be a member of the SUNY Student Conduct Institute (SCI) which provides the appropriate training materials to meet the necessary criteria as outlined by the 2020 Final Title IX Rules including training that does not rely on sex stereotypes and promote impartial investigations and adjudications. To review our training materials, please visit the SUNY SCI website.

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