Role play 1, Follow up


What did you notice?

Here's a list of some that we noticed:

Problems in Academic Performance of Behavior

  • Excessive absences
  • Leaving campus for family emergency
  • Request for special consideration for missing a test

Unusual Behavior or Appearance

  • Depressed mood -- references to crying all the time, trouble getting out of bed
  • Anxiety and pressured presentation style

References to Emotional or Stressful Life Events

  • Dad lost job
  • Breakup with boyfriend
  • Parents arguing
  • Dad drinking
  • Mom calling in distress daily
  • Hate e-mail and fear

References to Suicide, Homicide or Death

  • Feeling overwhelmed "I'm running all the time and I can't keep up".

    This student's experience of being overwhelmed might lead her to think of suicide and should be further assessed

As you can see, this student's situation was obviously distressing and she was upfront about sharing the details. Often this is the case. If a student does not volunteer details, you may need to comment on the behaviors you observe and ask "Are there any life events or situations that are negatively impacting your academics?"

Now that you've observed the signs and symptoms, you may wonder how to talk about it. In the next section you'll find some Intervention Guidelines that help you think about what you can do with the information you observe.