Climbing Clinics

Facility Orientation

Description: To get started climbing at our facility, all climbers (regardless of prior experience) must go through a SUNY Cortland Facility Orientation (also called an "FO").  The FO will provide the instruction you will need to be aware of the inherent risks of climbing, as well as policies & practices specific to our Climbing Wall at the Student Life Center.  Upon completion of your FO, an additional membership qualification will be added to your SLC membership & SUNY Cortland ID,allowing you to visit the Climbing wall during any of our open hours & rent equipment specific to your level of training at our facility.  No experience is necessary!

Facility Orientations are offered everyday by request during the open climbing wall hours of 3-10pm Monday-Friday and 2-8pm on Saturday-Sunday.

Belay Clinic

Description: Those that would like to belay in our climbing gym need to pass an annual belay test.  Belay clinics provide the instruction you will need to learn the skills and become belay qualified. No experience is necessary. You may re-take the Belay Clinic and ask for assistance from staff as many times as you would like, before deciding to take the Belay Test.

Those that have taken the belay clinic need to wait at least one day prior to taking the Belay Test.  If you already have experience, you may choose to opt out of a clinic and test to become belay qualified at anytime during open hours.  SUNY Cortland uses the PBUS belay method.

Formal Test-Out belay clinics are offered weekly for the Fall semester at a time TBA.

Lead Climbing Clinic

Description:  Itching to take your climbing skills to the next step? Attend our lead climbing workshop, and we’ll show you the ropes. This workshop will go over what you’ll need to know in order to pass our lead climbing test at the rock wall; lead belaying, clipping techniques, safety checks, commands and much more. In order to attend this workshop, all participants MUST BE belay qualified at the SUNY Cortland climbing wall and feel comfortable in their climbing abilities.

Lead clinics are available by request; email to schedule.