Department/Office Name Change Checklist

This checklist will help ensure that the new name appears in all university communications. Review the SUNY Cortland Handbook section regarding the Change of Office or Department Name. Upon the President’s Cabinet name change approval, please work with your area’s vice president to facilitate the following tasks:

  1. Inform the Human Resources Office.
  2. Send a campus-wide email to communicate the name change.
  3. Contact the Communications Office to announce the new name in The Bulletin and on the Visual Messaging System.
  4. Contact the Marketing Office to ensure that the new name appears on the university website and in publications. Please note, the office URL may need to change or be re-directed.
  5. Contact The Help Center to change the name within myRedDragon.
  6. Order new stationery and business cards.
  7. Place a work order for new signage by submitting a Work Request on the Facilities and Operations Services webpage.
  8. Order new name badges.
  9. Update free-standing or tabletop banners.
  10. Update forms and mailing lists that contain your office name.
  11. Have staff update their email signature and online directory listing in myRedDragon to reflect the new name.